Friday, July 31, 2009

Child to Cherish

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time keeping up with baby books and recording memorable events. This company makes it so easy....and cute. The have adorable baby books and handprint kits. Child to Cherish is the number one children’s keepsake gift line. The collection, designed by Patrice Lowe, brings to life the finest offering of unique, yet functional children’s keepsakes and gifts in the industry. Each item is developed to capture those precious moments in time to preserve the innocence of a child. Child to Cherish has the perfect gift for every and any occasion. One of my favourites is the "Going to Grandma's Suitcase with blanket". What a fun and original gift that would be!

The ladies at Child to Cherish were generous enough to let me try out ( daughter) a pink crayon apron. She was SO excited! It came packaged in a cute keepsake box, that I'm thinking we will use to keep my daughters artwork in that she colours with her NEW APRON! Hadley wanted to try it out right away and said that she was "cooking some pictures". She looks so cute wearing it and colouring in her book (I really should have taken a picture.......) See picture of apron below.
It is very well made and comes with a pack of Crayola WASHABLE crayons! Now whenever Hadley wants to colour or "do a craft" she has to wear her apron....of course! So, now that I've convinced you how cute it is, I bet you want one, right? Well, because the people at Child to Cherish are so awesome, they are giving away one apron of your choice. Either pink or tan.

Also, they are giving us a coupon code for our readers. Use code clm10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount on your order! How great is that!

All you need to do to enter this giveaway is let us know which apron you would choose (pink or tan) in the comment section. Please leave your email address too, unless you have your email address public on your profile.

For additional entries (please make each a separate comment):

*Visit Child to Cherish and tell us what your favorite item is - 2 extra entries

*Blog about this giveaway and send us the link - 3 extra entries

*Follow us on twitter and tweet this giveaway - 2 extra entries

*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 extra entry

*Place an order with Child to Cherish and tell us what you're getting - 5 extra entries

This giveaway closes Wednesday August 5th at 9pm MST. It is open to all US and Canadian residents.

Don't forget to enter our other giveaway for a tie-dyed shirt from Generations Tie Dye (scroll down to view)

Thanks, and good luck!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Table Topper (Neat Solutions) - WINNER!

Thanks to all who entered this giveaway sponsored by Neat Solutions. There were 14 different people who entered and 54 entries total. Using, we found a winner......

the momma said...

I saw someone using these the other day all the way up here in Maine! I thought they looked so neat- and maybe they would help my little ones be just a little neater themselves! My girls would love the princess table toppers!

The winner will have 48 hours to contact us before we draw for another winner.

Thanks so much for all the support everyone, and a BIG thanks to Neat Solutions!

Be sure to enter our current giveaway for Generations Tie Dye (just scroll down to view) and spread the word! Another review/giveaway will posted tomorrow!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Generations Tie Dye

I first met Deb about 4 years ago on an online parenting forum. Both with young kids and a passion for crafting, we found ourselves frequently on the same boards sharing experience, advice, worries, and of course crafting projects. She has continually proven herself to be an exceptional mom, who truly has her children's well-being and interest at heart. I have learned so much from her as a mom and a crafter.

Being that Megan and I have wanted to make our business (and this new blog) about supporting others in their ventures, I have known for a while that Deb's business was one I wanted to promote. Interestingly, I actually don't really like Tie Dye, so my intentions were purely to help out a friend. She loves what she does, and enjoys creating (especially custom items) and it's obvious she does a fantastic job. So Megan and I set out to review Deb's work. She sent each of our boys (so 3 of them) tie dyed shirts to test out, which also tells you how generous she is.
Can I just say that I was THRILLED when these shirts arrived. And when I put Jonah's on him - oh my word, it was sooo cute!!! (yes he's wearing his sister's pink crocs. LOL) I immediately fell in love and started planning what other fun items I could get for the kids. Deb has mentioned bed sheets before so I'm thinking of camo for Jonah and pink camo for Brooklyn - it would appear I'm a fan of tie dye after all :D Megan loves them too. They are super cute! Check out her twin boys below!

One of the other things I love about Deb's shop is she is really trying to do her part to reduce, re-use, and recycle by dying high quality second hand items - keeping costs even lower (we LOVE that too!). She does of course use new items as well, so you can let her know your preference when you order (or win)!

We love our shirts!

Deb has so generously offered one lucky winner a custom tie dyed children's t-shirt with up to 6 colours of your choice (can be exchanged for a custom tie dyed adult t-shirt at a discounted price.) She has such a great variety and is willing to try anything, so don't forget to check out her etsy shop and look around!

To enter
to win please let us know your favorite item of the three below (Rainbow on the Bias, Hot Mama, or Easy Being Green Tote) and what your colour combination choice would be (up to 6 colours).

For additional entries (please make each a separate comment):

*Visit her etsy shop and name one item not mentioned here - 2 extra entries

*Blog about this giveaway and send us the link - 3 extra entries

*Follow us on twitter and tweet this giveaway - 2 extra entries

*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 extra entry

*Place an order with Generations Tie Dye and tell us what you're getting - 5 extra entries

This contest closes Saturday, August 1st at 9pm MST and is open to all US and Canadian residents (and anywhere else if you are willing to pay the difference for shipping!)

Good Luck!

*Don't forget to enter our other giveaway for a pack of "Table Toppers" (scroll down to view)*

Friday, July 24, 2009

LTD chix - WINNER!

Thanks for all who entered. We had 21 different people enter, and 76 entries total!

The winner is.......
AHarbin88 said...

I would HAVE to have the Shopping Mom shirt! That's perfect for me!

They will have 48 hours to reply before another winner will be chosen.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Table Topper (Neat Solutions)

Well this was a real treat. Something seemingly different and yet when it really comes down to it - so surprisingly obvious...why did it take so long to come up with this??? Which we imagine, is precisely how Beth felt. It all started in 1995 when she went out to lunch with her baby and ordered some "finger food" for the first time. The chicken strips came on a plate, which quickly became a Frisbee for her son. (Sound familiar?) She tried the paper got tossed, too. The only choice was to let him eat right off the dirty table. Having heard about reports documenting the presence of germs on restaurant tables, you can understand why this was not the most ideal option. Beth decided to take action and soon the Table Topper® Stay-in-Place Mat® became the only answer to a big problem facing us when we go out to eat with our children.

So not only is this a "family owned", "mother owned" baby business, but a business that understands the needs of parents with young children (perhaps because it is *family* and *mother* owned). And while it started with the Stay-in-Place Mat®, they have since expanded to include even more unique items - all of which will quickly become *must haves* in your home.

Megan and I were both sent a sample of the Table Topper® Stay-in-Place Mat® and were immediately THRILLED! The first thing we noticed was that the package contained EIGHTEEN placemats, giving us lots of opportunities to try them out. Normally I would try to salvage and use them more than once (and truthfully I still might), but with that many it's easier to part with one here and there. Being made with environmentally friendly materials makes these placemats eco-friendly in addition to being BPA-Free, PVC-Free, and phthalate-Free - we LOVE that!

I was able to use a couple while on vacation and Megan used some of hers while camping during a family reunion. Megan was very impressed with how well it stuck to the old wood picnic table at the campsite. BEST.THINGS.EVER. We absolutely love how these stick and stay in place - and how they protect the food from any *germs* that may be lurking on the table. Besides - they are sooo cute and our kids LOVED having a *special* placemat while out to eat. Easy clean up and disposal (although I admit to leaving mine on the table in the restaurant to do a little extra *advertising*) and a perfect accessory to eating out with the kids. I am soooo excited to take them with us on our camping family reunion next week. I am positive this is something Megan and I will be keeping around on a regular basis - in addition to adding a few of their other products! We also love that they are involved in charity work - contributers to (and founders of) the *I Care I Cure Foundation - Funding Targeted & Gentler Treatment for Childhood Cancer*. Read about Beth's personal connection and why she feels so compelled to help here.

The fabulous people at Table Topper (Neat Solutions) are offering one lucky winner their very own set of the Stay-in-Place Mat® !

While we would love for you to check out their site (it'll be worth it we promise), we know that sometimes we are just too busy, so we've made it easy to enter this giveaway! Simply comment and let us know which of the 4 pictured Stay-in-Place Mat® designs is your favorite - Baby Einstein, Princess, Dora, or Cars.

For additional entries (please make each a separate comment):

*Visit their site and name another product you'd like to try - 2 extra entries

*Blog about this giveaway and send us the link - 3 extra entries

*Follow us on twitter and tweet this giveaway - 2 extra entries

*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 extra entry

*Visit the I Care I Cure website and tell us something about it - 5 entries

This giveaway ends Wednesday July 29 at 9pm and is open to all residents of Canada and the United States (if you live elsewhere and are willing to pay shipping, please feel free to enter anyways!).

Don't forget to check Target, Toys R Us, and Babies R Us to find these great products! :)



Thanks to everyone who has participated! We've had a great turnout and are so thrilled to offer these awesome prizes to the winners!

For the Simply Pure Soy Candles - Candle giveaway the winner is:

Martins said...

Cucumber melon sounds wonderful !

AND for the pair of See Kai Run shoes - the winner is:

Jo said...

I love the Isabella but if I win I would choose the Dorothy!!!

Thanks so much to all who entered! Winners have been notified and have 48 hours to reply (or another winner will be chosen!)

Have a great week! More fabulous reviews and giveaways are on their way!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A bit of an extension...

Great news! We are going to be extending the below giveaways until Wednesday, when we will be starting our next giveaway! So enter if you haven't and pass the word to all your friends! We have so many more awesome companies participating with some great products to give away!

See you all Wednesday!

Friday, July 17, 2009

LTD chix

I'm so glad Hailey contacted this company for us to review. They sent my size, so I was the lucky one who got to try it out! This company is so fun! It was started by two friends Nina and Cindi who left the corporate life to be able to stay home with their kids. They were surprised at how their idyllic dream of motherhood was not a reality. They soon realized though, that they were "living the dream" despite the everyday messes and mishaps! Wanting to share their realization and sarcastic humour, LTD chix was born. Here's the full story. These shirts sure make me laugh.

I was able to test out the "Laundry Mom" short sleeve lipstick/lt. pink shirt.
Nina (the co-owner) made sure to tell us that the sizing for this particular shirt fits small. I'm normally a size Small, so I got a Medium (remember that when you order ;) When it arrived, I tried it on right away. I was surprised how comfortable it was. It's nice and light-weight, so it fits nicely and moves easily. The picture on the shirt is fun and a good conversation starter! I have washed this shirt 3 times since I received it, and it still looks great!

They have lots of different images for the shirts that are equally hilarious and come in long and short sleeve t-shirts, and some tanks.

The winner of this giveaway will win a Laundry Mom T-shirt. The colour/style will be chosen by LTD chix.

While we would love for you to check out their site, we know that sometimes we are just too busy, so we've made it easy to enter this giveaway!

Choose from these 3 images below which one best represents you (or whoever you would give the shirt to if you won) and comment below.
Workout Mom, Multi-tasking Mom, or Shopping Mom

For additional entries (please make each a separate comment):

*Visit their site and name one shirt image not mentioned here - 2 extra entries

*Blog about this giveaway and send us the link - 3 extra entries

*Follow us on twitter and tweet this giveaway - 2 extra entries

*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 extra entry

*Place an order with LTD chix and tell us what you're getting - 5 extra entries

This giveaway ends Thursday July 23 at 9pm and is open to all residents of Canada and the United States (if you live elsewhere and are willing to pay shipping, please feel free to enter anyways!).


**Don't forget to check out THIS giveaway for a soy candle, ending Sunday 9pm*
**AND this giveaway for a pair of "See Kai Run" shoes, ending Tuesday 9pm*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

See Kai Run

I have been eyeing these shoes at a local store for a long time now. There are so many different styles I've been wanting to add to our collection, but in all honesty - our kids don't really need more shoes (not that I really let that stop me). We both knew See Kai Run was a company we just HAD to review. Upon further research we discovered that this company started from one mom's dream (we LOVE that).
Two years after giving birth to her son, Kai, Cause found herself looking for comfortable shoes with flexible soles - something Kai could play around easily in outside. Unable to find what she was looking for, See Kai Run was born. Cause wanted to create a line of shoes that was *as happening as Kai* - bold, hip, fun, with an urban sensibility. Something entirely different than what was offered. Looking at the variety of styles, we think she's succeeded. Cause designs 15-20 new shoe designs twice a year, which only makes the decisions more difficult!

Here's the thing, $40 is a little more (sometimes a lot more) than we typically spend on a pair of shoes for our kids - particularly when we have 2 or 3 to buy for (as we do). So the test really was to see if these shoes *fit the bill*, so to speak.

Julie at See Kai Run was so incredible and accomodating, nevermind generous - sending us each a pair of shoes to *review*. We both chose a style for our boys (Megan chose Jayce and I chose Maverick) and couldn't wait to receive them. I'm pretty sure we're both smitten. The first thing we noticed was how soft they are. In fact, I think I made every guest that week feel them, and yes they were expected to ooo and aahhh upon doing so. Lucky for me, I didn't have to prompt them, it just happened. You can tell by just holding them that they are great quality. I honestly wish my shoes felt this soft and comfy. I couldn't wait to try them on my son, but as he's a flip flops boy in the summer, I was forced to wait for a bit of a gloomy day - but I'm pretty sure it was one of the first things I thought of when that day came. If even possible, they look even cuter on! I could have just stared at his chubby little feet in these adorable shoes all day long. He loves them - I can't blame him -they just ooze comfort. In addition (and I wish I had a photo to show) the soles of the shoe are soooo cute! Something cute and fun- you may have to purchase a pair to see what I mean - but really just sort of adds that perfect finishing touch. Megan's twin boys love the shoes too. They fight over them every Sunday morning before church! They are seriously sooo comfortable and good quality. We love them!

So to answer our question - are these shoes really worth $40 a pair?
Well, if I told you I ran out within days to buy Brooklyn a pair too, would that tell you something? I'll admit, the sale at the local store was enticing, but I would have paid the $40! In short, if you want our honest opinions - We heart these shoes!

AND they currently have selected sandals marked down 25%! How awesome is that!

*For those of you in Canada, the shipping estimate is really accurate - so don't think they are making a pretty penny off your shipping cost. They aren't. And for those of you in the US - FREE shipping for orders over $60 (I love free shipping!!)*

Not only did Megan and I receive a pair of shoes to review, but one lucky winner is going to as well (your choice of style and size)! As mentioned in our last giveaway - we definitely want you to check out their website - they have too many styles not to (and a fabulous new collection out in August). But we also understand that we are all busy, with limited time for browsing websites and such. So to enter this giveaway, please comment below stating which of the following styles is your favorite: Clara, Boden, Dorothy, Jude, or Celeste.
For additional entries (please make each a separate comment):

*Visit their site and name one shoe style not mentioned here (don't forget to check out the *smaller* collection for babies) - 2 extra entries

*Blog about this giveaway and send us the link - 3 extra entries

*Follow us on twitter and tweet this giveaway - 2 extra entries

*Place an order with See Kai Run and tell us what you're getting - 5 extra entries

This giveaway ends Tuesday July 21 at 9pm and is open to all residents of Canada and the United States (if you live elsewhere and are willing to pay shipping, please feel free to enter anyways!).


**Don't forget to check out THIS giveaway, ending Sunday 9pm*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

OUR FIRST GIVEAWAY - Simply Pure Soy Candles!

I first heard about this company through a giveaway on another blog - I seem to come across quite a few each day and every once in a while I find myself *needing* to try out their products. This was just that company. Simply Pure Soy Candles caught my eye right away, based *simply* on the fact that they are made with all natural ingredients. So, I checked out the website (to get more entries for the giveaway - which no, I didn't win) and was hooked. First I was thrilled with the prices (always important, particularly when canadian and purchasing in USD) and secondly I LOVED their selection, both product and scent. I had such a difficult time deciding but finally ended up with a Fresh Cucumber Intense Moisturizing Stick, 6 Soy Tarts, and a Strawberry Soap Slice - among a few others items (I told you, I had a difficult time deciding). Can I just say - I will be purchasing all of these items again and again.
First of all, the Intense Moisturizing Stick- I have been wanting to get vitamin E or something similar to use on my face instead of the *gasp* hand and body lotion I've been using (I know, my makeup artist friends are horrified to say the least). So when I saw this I knew I had to have it. I had also seen a customer's review on their website stating it actually cleared up her child's eczema (although it's not advertised for this purpose), which was definitely encouraging and intriguing to me. I've been using this on my face for about 3 weeks now and LOVE fact, I actually get excited after my shower to put it on. I always put it on first, before lotioning my body so I don't *contaminate* it with the lotion. *lol* I have Fresh Cucumber, and although it's not my favorite scent I'm still loving it and the way my face feels after - and for the whole day (I no longer get dry patches). I do look forward though to trying some of the others - there are 24 in total - but considering this is a product I will have ALL the time, I'm sure I'll get to try them all out. Although, to be honest - even at the rate I'm using it (at least once, sometimes twice a day), it still looks like it's going to last me the better part of the year (and for just $6!!!). In addition - while recently on holidays I noticed the back of my son's knee had a nasty patch of eczema (thanks to my husband for passing that on). He had been scratching it and it was starting to bleed and for two nights after bath (so his skin was clean) I covered the spot with this moisturizer and honestly - it cleared up, with only faint remnants of it remaining. I cannot say enough about this product! I LOVE it!

The Soy tarts were something I wanted to try because they are so cute and affordable (only $0.95 each!!), and it's nice to have a few other options for my warmer. I got about 6 different scents out of the 53 they have (now THAT was a difficult choice) and so far have tried 2 - Aloha Pineapple and Sex on the Beach. It is so fun to me to have these scents filtering through the house - the Aloha Pineapple filled the house immediately and gave me the lovely illusion of being on holidays. I love the smell of pineapple and am already planning to stock up on this scent. Sex on the Beach is equally as delicious, but not as strong a smell, which is nice for it's own reasons. It is one I would move into a smaller area (bathroom or bedroom perhaps) as opposed to the kitchen where I have it currently. I just might have to get warmers for every room in the house so I can walk from scent to scent!
And the Strawberry Soap Slice - Oh.My.Word. Divine....with real seeds and the most delicious strawberry scent (like their strawberry body scrub I have that smells good enough to eat). I couldn't wait to try this one in the shower and it was even better than I imagined. Yes, a bit pricier than your typical soap - but the difference is amazing. I even used it as a substitute for shaving cream and it left my legs feeling softer than normal. It was dry or soap shave rash for me. I can't wait to try some of the other soaps- they currently have 11 to choose from....ahhh the decisions.

So here's the deal. They are offering one lucky winner a most delicious Cool Citrus Basil Jar Candle (I have the Birthday Cake one and it is DIVINE). Ideally we'd like you to visit their website to enter, and we still want you to - their products are sooo awesome and so affordable - but we realize we all have limited time. So we're trying to make it as easy on you as possible, and if you want you can check out their website (highly recommended) for additional entries.

To enter - please comment below stating which candle scent you would like to try out of the following options: Aloha Pineapple, Birthday Cake, Coconut Lime, Cranberry Marmalade, Cucumber Melon, Key Lime Pie, Love Spell, Pumpkin Spice, Sex on the Beach, or Wild Watermelon. Click here to read their scent descriptions (I had to more than a few times).
For additional entries (please make each a separate comment):

*Visit their site and name one product not mentioned here (don't forget to check out their adorable kid section) - 2 extra entries
*Blog about this giveaway and send us the link - 3 extra entries
*Follow us on twitter and tweet this giveaway - 2 extra entries
*Place an order with Simply Pure Soy Candles and tell us what you're getting- 5 extra entries
Oh and - use coupon code july to receive 15% off your order! Who doesn't love that - I may be taking this opportunity to stock up early :) **don't fret about shipping prices if you are Canadian - I was so impressed with how reasonable it was (I think it was $6 for my $25 order - of course it depends on the weight and size of your items so keep that in mind)**
This contest closes Sunday July 19 at midnight. will be used to select the winner - once winner has been notified he/she will have 48 hours to respond, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Welcome to our newest addition - our giveaways and reviews blog. We find so many products every day that we just LOVE and wanted somewhere that we could pass along these great finds to you. Not to mention faciliating our addiction to giveaways :) We have some incredible companies participating, offering giveaways to lucky winners - we couldn't be more excited! We have had the opportunity to test and review these products ourselves, so rest assured you will be getting our honest opinions!

Our first giveaway begins this Sunday (July 12) at 9pm, with a new giveaway every other day following. Each giveaway will run for a week, at which point we will use to select a winner. We'll get your address and the item will be sent directly to you. How great is that!

So stay tuned....and don't forget to *follow* this blog - it will also enter you in our current giveaway found here.

Tell your friends and family to join the fun...the more the merrier....*See* you Sunday!

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