Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Shout out for SIMPLY PURE SOY CANDLES!!!

I'm sorry for the delay in posting our next review. The company has asked that we wait until the weekend so they have their next shipment in (kind of silly to promote a product that is out of stock!) so we are laying low for a few days - and in the meantime just passing along some other information! :)

In addition to See Kai Run receiving their fabulous award (congrats again!), I just wanted to give another shout out to Simply Pure Soy Candles. Seriously - I am IN LOVE with their products. Absolutely cannot get enough. I have their lip butter (LOVE IT), body scrub (STRAWBERRY IS DIVINE), lotion (Love Spell is an EXACT match!!), tarts (sooo awesome), and have used a few of their soaps (LOVE 'EM!). But I would have to say that my absolutely favorite - cannot ever live without - item is the moisture stick. I purchased one for myself and then purchased another two - using my original one as a bum stick for my son (heals any diaper rash in a flash) and a new one for my face (couldn't put it on his bum and then my face - *ewww*) and one for backup :D A good friend of mine wanted to try it so she bought the backup off me - and now wants to order one for her mom! Because it helped so much with my son's eczema another friend wants to get one for her daughter and husband. I'm also planning on getting one for my brother in law who is having a war with his eczema - I'll keep you updated on these *experiments*. My cousin has also been using hers but you know - I've been negligent in finding out how much she loves it (stay tuned. lol).

Here's the thing - they are awesome. And for all natural and how long they last - the price is unbeatable. I will never be without one (or three). I am seriously that impressed. The scent I use right now on my face is *Very Vanilla*. My cousin uses *Coconut Lime* and my friend (using my backup) has *Cucumber Melon*. All three of these scents are soooo yummy. I can't wait to try some others.

Sorry there is no giveaway with this post (but there are so many more on their way!) I just wanted to come on and reiterate to you all how great these products are! (and if you like candles - there is a buy 2 get 1 free promotion on right check out their site!!!)

Hope you are all having a great summer!

*for curiosity sake here are the scents I've tried/smelled:
Moisure Stick: Fresh Cucumber (great for non scented preferences), Very Vanilla (amazing), Coconut Lime (soo fresh!), and Cucumber Melon (so yummy)
Lip Butter: Strawberry Patch (delicious), Vanilla Mint (I love the kick of mint - will be so nice in the winter)
Body Scrub: Strawberry (smells like the real thing - amazing!)
Soaps: Sweet Strawberry Slice (LOVE it), Lemon Burst (so fresh - perfect for in the kitchen...gave as a gift so only smelled through plastic), and two others I don't see listed anymore but LOVED!
Lotion: Love Spell (seriously an EXACT match...just awesome)
Tarts: Sex on the Beach (nice and subtle), Aloha Pineapple (definitely my fave! - a burst of holiday right in my home!), Birthday Cake (smells just like it - delish), Banana Nut Bread (fresh from the oven - can't wait to melt this one on a cool day!), and Sweet Baby (EXACTLY like baby powder - would love this in a nursery or child's bathroom)
Candles - Birthday Candle (again - just like the real thing - delish), Cool Citrus Basil (so fresh and clean...I want laundry detergent that smells like this!)



Kayla Arrowood said...

Your so sweet!! Glad that you guys found me, I enjoy all the postive comments and Love to read them! Thank you greatly!

The Jensens said...

your cousin (ME) LOVES her facestick. with all my heart!!! and im actually going to place an order for more goodies this morning!!!


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