Friday, October 30, 2009

Kushies Baby Zebra Blanket - 70%off!

I just got an email for this great offer from Kushies Baby. Their Zebra Blanket is only $5.99 from today until Thurs. Nov. 5th. It is originally $21.99. I can't get an image of it because their images are copyrighted....but CLICK HERE to see it. It comes in 6 different colours AND even comes with a little zebra stuffie!

USE COUPON CODE "ZEBRA" AT CHECKOUT to get the discount.

This offer is valid from Friday Oct. 30th - Thursday Nov. 5th

Unfortunately, Kushies Baby only ships to the sad (if you live in Canada like me)............but, you could always get a friend to send the blanket your way!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

PIGGY PAINT - with giveaway and coupon!

I love products that are invented by moms! Piggy Paint was founded by Melanie Hurley, the mother of 2 little girls. She came up with the idea of a natural nail polish after seeing what the other "kid" nail polishes did to a foam plate. They bubbled and made a hole! Yikes! I don't want my daughter ingesting that sort of thing! Piggy Paint is water-based and is made with non-toxic ingredients, so you can paint all the foam plates you want without having to worry........or just paint your daughter's's up to you....

The ladies at Piggy Paint sent Hailey and I both some polish to try out. My daughter was thrilled to be my tester. We tried out the Forever Fancy polish. It worked great and hasn't chipped yet.....and since I must have passed on the nail-biting will eventually chip...and be ingested....but I don't have to worry!! I LOVE this stuff! They also have low-odour polish remover that we were able to try out. What a great idea!

There are lots of other great stuff on their website too. When you buy the Fight Breast Cancer Pack, a portion of the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. They even have onesies and tees that say "check out my lil' piggies". So CUTE!

Piggy Paint is giving one of our lucky readers a $15 gift certificate AND they are offering ALL of our readers a coupon code for 15% off your order - INCLUDING sale items! Just use coupon code CUTE15L at checkout (expires Nov 30, 2009).

TO ENTER comment below telling us what you would buy if you won. Check out their website here.

For ADDITIONAL entries:
Please make each a separate comment

*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 entry
*Become a follower of this blog - 1 entry
*Follow us on twitter (button on sidebar) - 1 entry
*Follow Piggy Paint on twitter - 1 entry
*Become a Piggy Paint fan on facebook - 1 entry
*Tweet this giveawa- 1 entry 
*Blog about this giveaway and send us the link - 1 entry
*Order from Piggy Paint and let us know! - 5 extra entries

*Open to Canadian and U.S. residents*

**This giveaway will end on Thursday Nov. 5 at 9PM MST**

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Sale - Happy Green Bee - 50% off!!

 Again, a company we will be reviewing in the coming weeks.....but they are having such a fabulous inventory reduction sale - 50% off - we HAD to pass it along!

Use promo code BIGSALE to receive the discount!

Happy Green Bee specializes in Organic Kids take a peek around and don't be afraid to put that promo code to work!!!

Happy Shopping - and have a fabulous week!

Monday, October 26, 2009

oooo - SlimPerfect Swimwear - HUGE SALE

We will be reviewing this company in the coming weeks as well as offering a giveaway, but we couldn't miss the opportunity to pass along their AWESOME sale going on RIGHT NOW!!

Seriously - loads of items 50-75% off!!! You can't beat that! (there are even a couple of items for 80% + off!)

So go check it out....RIGHT HERE


And the fabulous inch-losing winner is....

Oooo, can you stand the suspense??? I want you all to know this proves I don't cheat - the winner of this fab prize is the comment immediately following my mother's! Of course I'd love for her to win and try it - but fair is fair....So here you go...comment #32

Blogger ellen kauffman said...
I'd use it on my stomach...or thighs..
October 21, 2009 5:38 AM
CONGRATULATIONS ELLEN!!! We are SO excited for you and can't wait to hear about your results!!!
we will e-mail the winner and she'll have 48 hours to respond - after which a new winner will be notified!
Stay tuned for more fabulous - FABULOUS - reviews AND giveaways! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Megan happened upon THIS beauty of a product and thankfully our blog was chosen to do a review! With so many *get slim quick* products out there it's difficult to know which ones to trust. We were both really excited but also a little bit skeptical about trying this product. Could it really work? Could you really - honestly - LOSE INCHES within 45 minutes??

When they arrived in the mail we both checked out the before and after photos. OH.MY.WORD. Truly remarkable. Real people - Real results. And some with just ONE application. Barbara was generous to offer both Megan and I an It Works! Body Applicator to try out, and we were more than happy to oblige :)

From the website: The Ultimate Body Applicator infused cloth wrap works to tighten, tone and shrink the areas YOU choose in a simple, 45-minute application. Works on tummy, arms, legs, back, and chin. It takes less than 3 minutes to put on. It’s fast. It’s powerful. It’s naturally based, mess-free, and comes with an affordable price tag (just $29). It’s NOT water loss. You are not losing water weight when you use the Ultimate Body Applicator. In fact, it’s better if you drink more water when you use the Ultimate Body Applicator!

It's pretty straight forward (you can watch the video HERE) -wrap the applicator around the chosen area (we both chose our stomachs so measured in 3 spots prior to wrapping) and wrap for a snug fit with saran wrap and wait....45 minutes for first time users (in case of sensitivity). I can't lie - I was tempted to keep it on FOREVER...hoping that the longer it was on, the more inches would be lost. But I decided to follow the instructions. The wrap and herbal *lotion* heats up but it's kind of a warm menthol feeling - pretty nice actually. After the 45 minutes we took the saran and applicator off and rubbed in the excess *lotion*. Then we measured again. Don't forget to drink LOTS of water while you are doing this and helps give the best results. I admit my initial results were probably not as good as they could have been - I think I was a tad bit water-logged. LOL I took the water drinking very seriously ;)

So to start, my measurements were (I can't believe I'm posting this on a public blog *oy* - just remember this body has carried a nearly 9lb baby (my daughter) and a nearly 10 lb baby (my son) so I'd like to think I have an excuse...): Immediately afterwards I measured and those results are in red.

Top: 33 1/2"  33"
Middle: 33"   33"
Bottom: 37"  36 1/2"

So not fabulous, but still some change. I can admit to being a little discourage and seriously hoping for similar results to the photos we were sent. But even still, in 45 minutes, having a total loss of 1" is nothing to complain about. THEN came the morning...and the results are as follows:

Top: 31"
Middle: 32"
Bottom: 36"

So a GRAND total loss of 4 1/2" and I still had 2 more days until it was considered *complete* (it takes 3 days for your full results)!!! I was pretty excited and can only imagine what the results would be like after doing multiple wraps. Can you imagine - a family reunion, school reunion, a vacation, or even a wedding - yours or a friend's.  Do one or a few of these in preparation and you can have that little extra boost. Megan, who despite having twins just 2 years after her daughter, doesn't really have a lot to lose...but even still managed to walk away having lost 1" total. Something for everyone! I'd love to try one on my legs and chin too..oh and back, and arms... What it really boils down to is this...I'M SOLD!

Not only was Barbara incredibly generous to offer us each a body applicator to review, but she is also offering one lucky winner the chance to try it as well!!! (Thanks Barbara!) 

Here's what  you need to enter:
Comment here and tell us where you will use it if you win.

For extra entries (you know you want them!):
Please make each a separate comment

*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 entry
*Become a follower of our Cute Like Me Blog - 1 entry
*Become a follower of this giveaways blog - 1 entry
*Join our facebook group - 1 entry
*Blog about this giveaway and send us the link - 2 entries
*Follow us on twitter and tweet this giveaway - 2 entries
*Sign up to receive free info on It Works products here - 2 entries
*Order an It works! Body wrap and let us know! - 5 extra entries

**Open to Canadian and US residents**
Giveaway ends Monday October 26th at 9pm...GOOD LUCK!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Tenille over at one of our favorite giveaway blogs has a great list of rules posted for her giveaways. I think it's probably a good idea to post them so everyone knows how it goes. We've all just seen that it IS possible to win more than once (hooray!) but what else is there?

General Contest Rules

  1. Please follow the methods listed for contest entry. Our sponsors offer products in the hopes that you, the readers will go to their site and have a look around. Please do not post general comments stating, "They all look great, enter me please" or your comment/entry will be deleted.
  2. Contests are open to Canadian and US addresses unless otherwise stated (this is a preference indicated by the companies providing the items - we would offer them worldwide if we could, but in reality the shipping costs can be incredibly high).
  3. We use to choose contest winners and will post the results on our blog. A reader can win as many times as their luck determines, or not at all. That's why it's random!
  4. Please make sure your profile is Public or you've put your e-mail address in your comment so we can notify you should you win.
  5. The winner has 48 hours to reply - if no reply is received, we will use to choose another winner (we certainly don't want prizes to go unclaimed!)
  6. Good luck, and have fun!
And don't forget to pass word around - we're almost at 100 followers which is really exciting! As mentioned previously, we have some companies waiting in the wings until our followers reach 100+ - so keep telling your friends and family!

Thanks everyone!!! An exciting - REALLY exciting - giveaway is coming!!!

It really is worth entering!

If you'll notice the 3 winners posted below for our latest giveaway from The Cream Perfume Company - I think it's worth pointing out that two of these three winners have in fact already won our giveaways before (here or through our blog). It's worth entering for all the ones that interest you - there are no rules against someone winning more than once, and as we've now seen...IT CAN HAPPEN!!!

So stay tuned for more fabulous giveaways and be sure to enter them! We are having such an awesome response of companies wanting to participate we'll probably be offering them more frequently than once a week :)

Happy Entering!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Cream Perfume Company - Winners!

The winners are:

1. Blogger Skye and Aaron said...
I think i'd like the mango poudre, or the coconut lotion! Both sound delish!

2.  FoundProdigalDaughter said...Oh goodness, hard choice, but I think I'd go with the ORGANIC Vanilla rĂªve solid. The coconut lotion sounds wonderful too though.

3. said...
Mmmm, probably the mango p'oudre solid but the Vanilla reve would be a close second! Congrats! And thanks to all who entered. Winners will be notified and have 72 hours to reply.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FABULOUS OFFER! - Thomas the Tank!

I couldn't ignore the opportunity to post this FABULOUS offer! I have just placed an order and thanks to my husbands fabulous cousin in Florida, was able to maximize on the free shipping! So if you are in Canada - I hope you know someone in the states and can use their address - otherwise the shipping ($25) isn't worth the great price!

But otherwise - check out THIS link to receive Thomas the Train for $1.99 and Toby the Tram for $1.99

AND as mentioned - FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Happy shopping - oh and don't forget to enter our current giveaway below - with THREE winners!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Cream Perfume Company - With 3 Giveaways!

This company is SO great. With the popular desire to go GREEN and organic, this company has created lotions and perfumes to do just that.

From their website:
"We work exclusively with internationally renowned perfumers and the local artisans of Grasse to develop premium nature identical oil blends, ECOCERT certified organic essentials, absolutes and pure plant and fruit extracts. Our perfumes are all phthalate free and contain no sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes, triclosan, GMO, PPG, MEA, DEA, TEA or formaldehyde donors. Our products are cruelty free.
Additionally, our perfumed body moisturizers are 100% vegan, wheat and gluten free, contain no glycol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, synthetic additives or synthetic fragrances."

We were very eager to review their great products. Mary (our contact from the Cream Perfume Company) was very generous and sent us a lot of different lotions and scents to review. We received one of each of their lotions: Coconut, Lavender, and Rose, and several of the "solids" (cream perfumes): Melon d'eau, Ylang Ylang d'amore, Apricot chypre, Mango poudre, and Mimosa bouquet.

The scents smells and feels so pure and natural. It just feel good wearing this stuff! It has turned to winter here....I'm so sad about that, but I guess that's what happens in Canada! Consequently, my skin has become super dry. I put on some of the Lavender lotion about an hour ago, and my hands feel so smooth and soft! The lotion contains "premium French certified organic essential oils to combat dehydrated, sore, inflamed and damaged skin. Prevents signs of aging with improved tonicity, elasticity and a desirable plumping effects."

The cream perfumes are so cute and compact. They can easily be carried in your purse and I LOVE that you don't have to worry about the perfume spilling! It comes in a little tub that looks a bit like a large lip balm container. You just rub a bit of the cream on. I put some on my wrists and neck. They have lots of yummy scents. The favourite one I reviewed was "melon d'eau". Hailey's favourite was the mango p'oudre.

Now YOU could get to try out one of your own! There will be 3 winners who will be able to choose any solid or lotion of their choice!

Here's how to enter:

Visit their site and COMMENT here and tell us which lotion or solid you would choose if you won.

AND - for additional entries (because we all love more chances to win):
Please make each a separate comment

*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 entry
*Become a follower of our Cute Like Me Blog - 1 entry
*Become a follower of this giveaways blog - 1 entry
*Join our facebook group - 1 entry
*Blog about this giveaway and send us the link - 2 entries
*Follow us on twitter and tweet this giveaway - 2 entries
*Order from The Cream Perfume Company and let us know! - 5 extra entries

**Open to Canadian and US residents**
Giveaway ends Thursday October 15th at 9pm...GOOD LUCK!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am so sorry this is so late in being posted. I was out of town all day yesterday with plans of being home around dinner time - well if dinner times means midnight, then I suppose it worked out. *eeks* So here I am - after a busy day, still with so much to do.

Here is the winner for our bath luve! For the first time ever - the very FIRST commenter is our winner! That's exciting - sometimes I worry for the first entry as it seems #1 rarely gets chosen. But here's proof that even still it DOES happen! CONGRATULATIONS TO:

Emily B said...
I like the duck best... though the frog is pretty darn cute, too... hard to choose! Winner has been notified and has 48 hours to reply :) Thanks for entering guys - stay tuned for our next FABULOUS giveaway!

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