Monday, November 30, 2009

Everyone likes to be fancy...

I had parent teacher interviews last week - my first ever *proud mommy moment*. It's amazing to me how quickly time goes by and how grown up our kids are getting. I remember thinking we'd NEVER have kids and Brent would always tell me it would be here before I knew it. While in the moment it seemed like it took FOREVER - but all of a sudden I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and I'm *gasp* only a year away from 30! I truly don't know where the last 7 years have gone (we just celebrated our 7th in November...and yes, it truly does only get better!) - in so many ways I still feel 22.

Anyways, back to parent teacher interviews (I get sidetracked easily lol). Brooklyn's teachers were really pleased with her and love having her in their class. *beaming mommy* They told me of a few of her cute little quirks (like santizing not just her hands but her legs too - EVERY.DAY. lol) and one in particular made me just smile. I knew I had to share it - I also knew it would make my cousin smile. She is a wedding photographer - a FABULOUS wedding photographer! You can check out her blog HERE - trust me, you will want to. The posts are fun and fresh and real....and I promise it will tie into this blog post of mine. lol

So Brooklyn's teachers were showing me her numbers - they are doing booklets where they work on their letters and numbers (you know the ones - where you trace over the dotted example and then do a few more on your own). They said she is very meticulous (and she is) and really enjoys doing things well (also true). Then they commented on her 1's and how she ALWAYS does the little tail at the top and the underline at the bottom (I have NO idea where she saw that as neither Brent nor I do them that way) - even doing it on the example. They weren't sure where she learned it but wondered if she just liked to be *FANCY* - well, I immediately thought of Radelle and THIS POST. It made me smile. I remember as kids we would eat in a *fancy* way - take a bite, dab dab dab (with the napkin), drink of water, dab dab dab (napkin), etc. And seriously we would do it for the ENTIRE meal. Hey, we just wanted to be *fancy* - who can blame us....don't we all find ourselves in situations where we just want to be a little bit fancy? And now, my adorable (she really is) 5 year old is doing it too - all on her own....she wants to be fancy. And I love it...


Sharon said...

My munchkin likes "Pinkies up" to be faaaaancy... (he has to draw out the a everytime he says it).

Off to check out your sisters site... LOL... getting married in 18 days and still no photographer... I think I click on every wedding link I find :P

P.S. LOVE that she sanatizes her legs!! too cute!

Hailey said...

so adorable! I can totally picture the *faaaaancy* too! And the pinkies up - classic!

thanks for sharing....and congrats on your wedding - hope you find a photographer!


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