Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Mingle

Well readers - this is our first Monday Mingle. I know the idea is to do a vlog and I had fully intended do - in fact I even recorded it twice....but both were *not good* so let's hope for better luck next monday! Megan isn't with me to answer these questions so this time it's a *solo mingle* - hopefully we'll be able to join forces and provide you with something really laughable (I'd like to say informative but we all know that's not likely. lol).

Okay so - check out Tammi's Monday Mingle HERE and Jennifer's HERE - and feel free to add your own in!

1. Have you ever gone streaking or skinny dipping? 
I'm a little embarrassed to say I've never been skinny dipping....I haven't been streaking either (let's make that clear) but that never appealed to me. Skinny Dipping on the other hand - I remember getting invited to once, but I don't think I took everyone seriously - I was probably still a little too naive to believe people really did that. And now here I sit - with an opportunity lost. *sigh*
2. If you could invite 5 people to dinner who would it be? 
Seriously - this question has been really difficult for me. There are certain friends and family members I would want there...and then of course celebrities that would be awesome to hang out with and get to know. For example - I'm thinking a night of RockBand with Gene Simmons, Elton John, the BeeGees, Michael Jackson (my fave!), and Freddie Mercury - among others. Hmm...let's throw Britney Spears into the mix just for fun and Katy perry - but now I've gone way over my limit of 5! *eeks*
I'd also love to meet Mother Theresa, the Daila Lama, Princess Diana, Julia Roberts....Oh Patch Adams (the real patch adams who I have actually met! but let's throw Robin Williams into the mix too just for kicks!)....And truly no situation is complete without my cousin, Radelle....who simply makes every situation a million times more fun (trust me...if you know her, you know what I'm talking about!). My best friend growing up, Jenny - together we made fun no matter where we were - and now that we have daughters we are FREAKED right out....sometimes I don't know how we survived - seriously! And I'd have to say my grandma...both really. You know when you feel like at their peak for teaching all they know - you were too young to truly appreciate all they had to offer. I wish I had taken advantage of it all! And being adopted - I'd love to sit down some day with my birth parents.....okay I'll stop or I might be banned from Monday Mingle - let's just say it would be *really* difficult to choose JUST 5 people. onto the next question
3. Would you rather have bionic hearing or x-ray vision?
While I personally don't like either of these options, at first thought I chose bionic hearing. However, upon considering what each entails I have since switched to x-ray vision. I initially thought having x-ray vision would perhaps be disturbing on occasion - and bionic hearing, aggravating every so I really want to hear EVERYTHING??? But with x-ray vision - wouldn't it be kind of fun to walk up to complete strangers and make random comments about their knickers (you can thank my cousin Kari for the use of that or a strange mole or birthmark or tattoo or something. HAHA - at the risk of coming across completely freak stalker-ish - it would be funny!
4. When you tap your fingers, do you tap from index to pinky or pinky to index?
I have never really given this much thought - but I assumed it would be pinky to index...nope - totally wrong. While I can do it both ways, when i tap my fingers it's index to pinky. Who knew?
5. Would you rather be 4'1" or 7'9"
Eek - similar to question 3 - I don't particularly care for either of these options. LOL But I think 7'9" is just ridiculously tall - yes in the same way as 4'1" is ridiculously short - but for some reason it sounds so much more appealing to be little...perhaps because I've lived my whole life as a *shorty*....and I do love wearing heals....being 7'9" would really put a damper on that. But even still - I can't imagine my mother in law (4'11") with 10" less. *hehe*
6. What is your favorite thanksgiving dish?
My mom makes the most amazing cocktail sausages.....every year they are different as she throws in whatever she has on hand that sounds good....brown sugar, pineapple, juice, jam, ketchup, etc. And every year they turn out amazing! Definitely my favorite thanksgiving dish - I'm going to have to watch her though and write down everything she adds so I at least have some sort of recipe. Mmm Delish!

That's it for this edition of Monday Mingle....I look forward to doing more of these and actually giving you the benefit of seeing us on video! We'll get to work on that! Have a great week everyone - and don't forget to enter our giveaways and spread the word about our blog!

Oh and psst....Have you noticed we are over 100 followers!!!! *HAPPY DANCE* Keep 'em coming!

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Anonymous said...

LOVED THIS!!!!! have you really never been skinny dipping?? Even I have :) (i should give you details. they would shock you).
am I seriously that fun to you??! You made my evening so bright and that would be hard to do considering how bright it already is tonight!! (j*) :) :)
LOVE YO!U!! (i saw that typo & left it there to annoy you)



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