Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's Show the Love...

Just in case you don't read my other blog (shame on you *wink*) I thought I would post here as well. If you do read my blog (thanks!) this will be repetitive (but still worth reading of course!!

My cousins - Radelle Jensen and Kari Burgess of Eternal Reflections Photography - are hoping (and praying) that they are chosen to go to an amazing photography seminar in HAWAII!!!

Soooo I am enlisting all of you to vote in the hopes that they win the prize!!! (and yes I am hoping to tag along to Hawaii with them!! *score*)

Oh and while you are scrolling (they are about 3/4 of the way down the first grouping) if you happen to see someone you know, simply ignore them and keep scrolling until you find Radelle Jensen and Kari Burgess. (okay okay you can vote for  your person too. I know I'm so generous).

You can only vote once per computer, per person (contestant) but pass it along to  your friends and family! This would be pretty awesome!

Add your entry HERE

I'm not just saying it because they are family, they are truly FABULOUS photographers!!! You can check out their photography on their BLOG, WEBSITE, and become a fan on their FACEBOOK PAGE!

Oh aaaand...if you enter for them, you can be entered to win their giveaway (yes bribery at it's best!) on their BLOG for a FREE 1 hour photo shoot (with touched up images, copyright free on DVD)!!! Valued at $349!

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