Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Me Quiz

Here I am on Sunday afternoon just relaxing with my family - Jonah is napping and Brooklyn is cuddling with her daddy (before they brave some playtime in the snow)...I thought it would be fun to play a little game - do a little quiz. We've all seen these on facebook and when my cousin recently did it, I knew I wanted to as well. So here it goes:

Ocean/Pools: I'm a pool girl, by the ocean. LOL I LOVE the ocean, but absolutely hate having sand stuck to me (unless we are actually building in the sand, then I can work through it). So I enjoy taking a dip in the pool and returning to the lounge chair at the side to resume my tanning, reading, etc.
Cats/Dogs: Tough one actually...we have a cat (*Her* name was Bella Aprillia until we discovered that *she* had...well boy parts *ahem* so now *He* is Mr. Bella Aprillia.) and I love having a cat (though this one has come close to meeting his maker a few times) as they are really independent. You can go away for a few days and leave out water and food and a clean litter box and not worry. Dogs need more....however, I'd really love a dog one day (not now) - my dream dog, a Great Dane. Okay I actually want two - a Great Dane and a cute would that be. So I guess I don't really have a preference on this one...
Summer/Winter: Summer - though I associate winter with Christmas so I definitely get excited when the weather starts the change....never far from missing the summer heat mind you.
Sugar/Salt: salt - though I never salt my food....but I love salty food (chips mainly). Sweet stuff, not as much and I find it often hurts my teeth.....but I do have a bit of a *candy* sweet tooth - the dentist has made a fortune off me *sigh*
Pen/Pencil: pen - there's nothing quite like finding that perfect pen. Pencil for math, but pen for everything else.
Silver/Gold: Silver - but I am venturing a little bit into having a few more pieces of gold jewelry
Ketchup/Mustard: mustard - mmm mustard
Pants/Shorts: hmmmm...I have NO idea on this one. Depends on my mood I guess.
Math/Art: Both - I had an awesome math teacher in grade 10 who really helped me find my appreciation for math. As a result it became my favorite core subject (theater was my FAVE). But I also always enjoyed art
Sunrise/Sunset: sunset - I try not to be awake for the sunrise, though I'm sure it's really beautiful. LOL
Chocolate/Vanilla: definitely vanilla
Big Mac/Whopper: oh the whopper...actually they recently had the Angry Whopper - DIVINE! Seriously delicious....
Apple Juice/Orange Juice: orange
Facebook/MySpace: Actually I'm on both, but always forget about Myspace so for the sake of this *quiz* it's facebook. Speaking of Facebook - have you changed yours to Pirate English? If not, try it - sooo funny! Scroll down to the bottom of your facebook page. On the left you'll see *English* (or whatever language you have it set to) - click and when the box appears choose *English:Pirate* - hilarious...even funnier when it tells me to *cast the wench a bottled message* in reference to my mother. HAHA
Boxers/Briefs: If I had my choice I'd say boxer briefs are where it's at (no, not on husband) but Brent prefers Boxers (you were curious, admit it lol). I went through a Boxer phase myself (in Junior High), but have to admit I much prefer a cute pair of briefs :)
Rain/Shine: I LOVE the sunshine...But I also LOVE the rain, though not in excess.
Chips/Popcorn: Chips - but I do enjoy a nice bowl of popcorn once in a while, but it has to be seasoned with loads of butter.
Plane/Boat: Plane... to get to my destination faster....but boat for a nice lounging around kind of day or a cruise (naturally)
Walk/Drive: Depends where I'm going - I do enjoy a nice walk though...
Movie/Play: Play...I love a good movie, but being able to go to the theater is a real treat. Something I wish I did more. 
Money/Love: Why can't I have both? LOL Okay okay, truthfully... is fun, don't get me wrong, but not nearly as fun if you don't have someone you love to share it with. While I may be hoping for a lottery win (I'm not greedy, $30 million would suffice) I'd rather have Brent without the money, than the money without Brent. But back to my first reply - ideally I'd get to have both :D
Breakfast/Dinner: Dinner...I don't particularly care for breakfast foods nor do I seem to eat early enough to be considered *breakfast*.But my best friend growing up LOVES breakfast - in fact she loves it so much she goes to bed *excited* and anticipating breakfast the next morning.
Truth/Dare: Dare....I'm one of those *always honest* kind of people, so dare would probably be more interesting. Well actually maybe Truth would. LOL
Contacts/Glasses: Both
Root Beer/Dr. Pepper: Actually Dr. Pepper (thanks to Brent for that one!) though our daughter LOVES Root Beer.
Mud/Jell-O Wrestling: Doesn't matter as long as I win :D
Skiing/Boarding: Neither...I'm a self proclaimed lodge bunny who would rather be making lunch for the group. Need a personal chef for your ski vacation - I'm your girl! (I'd watch kidlets too!!!!)
Diamond/Pearl: Diamonds are a girl's best friend...
Phone/In-Person: Definitely in person.
Oldest, Middle, Youngest, or Only Child: Youngest

Feel free to do one of your own - send me the link if you'd like. It would be fun to get to know you as well :) 

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