Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday Mingle...On Tuesday - again! LOL

I'm going to stop anticipating I'll do this on video *next* week - although I do plan at some point to get my act together to do this as a vlog, for now this is what it is :) Remember to check out all the entries HERE

1. Tell us FIVE random facts about yourself.
* I have a scar over my belly button from hot soup when I was little
* I hate vacuuming - and rarely do it (and am so grateful for a husband who does it!!!)
* I absolutely LOVE shopping online (go for a natural high!!! lol)
* I have an *X* on my right arm - yes carved there....by a friend...stupid story really - he asked if he could and I couldn't think of a reason to say no (can't quite figure out how the *cutting an x into my arm* didn't raise a red flag)...so he did...with his jackknife - no not sanitized...and because I know you're wondering - No, I don't have any diseases as a result. And yes, I do consider myself lucky. LOL
* I have always wanted a turtle or frog tattoo on my right foot, by my pinky and second toe....maybe one day...

2. Do you wear perfume or cologne? What scent(s)?
I have Ralph Lauren's Blue perfume, and The Body Shop's Coconut Milk Body Lotion (this one is fabulous!!!)...I always loved The body Shop's Mango perfume, but sadly they don't make it anymore :(  I like some of the body sprays and lotions from Victoria's Secret as well as Bath and Body Works (oh yeah I have the Pumpkin Pie Paradise Lotion - amazing!!! - but it doesn't look like it's on their site. boo) . Oh and I LOVED the Bath & Body works Le couvent Lemon Verbena Body Splash but it was also discontinued :(

3. How many speeding tickets have you gotten in your life?
um...no comment....okay seriously a few....(so glad this didn't ask how many accidents. haha) - but I think I've only had 1 in the past 7 years until last month when I got TWO within two weeks...*urg*

4. Do you go fishing? Do you like to fish?
I don't go fishing although I did with my grandparents as a kid. I'm more of the *suntan on the boat while everyone else catches the fish* kinda girl....my husband and cousin's husband caught some rainbow trout a few summers ago and we cooked it up (we were camping) in garlic butter and it was AMAZING, which tells yo usomething because I don't like fish.

5. What reality tv shows do you watch?
I really like the Amazing Race...and that's about it. I've watched a few seasons of Survivor. Oh and I can't forget - I LOVE The Bachelor(ette) and America's Next Top Model. (Do American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance count??? If so, then those too lol)

Happy Monday Mingle :) Next week is the last one until the new year!

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