Monday, July 26, 2010


After much consideration and some creative expertise from an awesome designer (review to come) I have decided to compile all of my blogs (3 of them) into one. Really it will make things so much easier and a lot more fun!

It's not complete by any means, as there are a few more changes to be made but all in all this is it. Check it out

If you've entered the Scentsy giveaway  you will definitely want to check it out - leave a comment on the new blog to be entered THREE more times!! (You must have entered here first for your additional entries to count). Also, because of this change the Scentsy giveaway will be EXTENDED for another week - Wednesday August 4th :D 

As for the posts on the now *old* blogs, don't worry I'll be adding them individually as I can (ie recipes from my cooking blog). 
I am SO excited about this change and can't wait to get it really moving! *SEE* you all over there!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Dear lululemon,
I love you....thank you for existing. I've officially started my lulu collection and couldn't be happier and have already started planning the next shopping day!

A HUGE shout out to the lululemon Chinook Mall location in Calgary where my friend and I went. Not only was it completely organized, the staff were so helpful - in particular KRISSY and AMY who were nothing short of AWESOME - and the touch of having my name on the white board on my dressing room - perfect! Yes I am kicking myself for forgetting my camera, but do not fear, Amy and Krissy have agreed to do a mock of the *first time* when I next visit. Oh please be soon..

It's true, an addiction has started! (and I couldn't be happier about it)

Monday, July 12, 2010

the Bikini Shoppe

When we arrived at our first destination in Sacramento, California I discovered that I had left my swimsuit at home. (Referring to my *are you forgetful* post, makes me think there may be a trend). Seriously - how in the world does a person plan a holiday to California and forget the most important piece of clothing???

So when we arrived at our third destination, Mission Beach,  Brent and I set out to find me a suitable swimsuit for the week. We found one at the first store we checked - the Bikini Shoppe - that we both liked and I felt great in (miracle) and that was not ridiculously expensive (also a miracle). But, not wanting to *put all of our eggs in one basket* we went for a stroll down Mission Boulevard and checked out all of the other swimwear stores...everything was at least twice the price and nothing caught my eye quite like this one. Not yet bikini ready (I'm working on it) I had to go for a tankini, which I must say was not the easiest thing to find in we headed back to the Bikini Shoppe and purchased the very first one we saw. And I LOVE it! I love it...the girls in the store were fantastic and really helpful...I'll definitely go back there when we visit next time - they had some great stuff! They also have a website that I imagine is intended to make it possible to purchase online, but nothing is set up further than the main page. I'll update you if anything changes in that regard. My whole swimsuit was $50 which I think is a seriously fantastic price for a nice quality swimsuit. And I feel great in it... (I was sure I had a photo of me in it from our holiday but I can't seem to find it, so this wacky angled photo will have to do.)

I may *forget* my swimsuit every time we holiday ;)

Monday, July 5, 2010


 **Looking for the Scentsy Giveaway? Check it out HERE**

As we sat in the common area of Seaport Village, with the live music blaring, the kids playing and dancing, we noticed a man dancing along on his own. Initially we kind of chuckled along, making jokes about jumping in and dancing with him - it is kind of funny to see an adult just dancing away on their own. But as I got to thinking about it and watching him, I couldn't help but be inspired.

It occurred to me that when a child does the same the general response is filled with *oohs* and *aaahs* and sweet smiles and giggles. It's encouraged and really quite fun to see. But somehow there comes a point when it's seemingly socially unacceptable or discouraged. And I couldn't help but wonder not only why, but when. When do we stop encouraging *taking time to smell the flowers* or *taking time to just dance*.

Then I got to wondering about this man...his life...his experiences...and what he knows, has learned, and would say. What inspires him? And what about this day gave him the desire to dance? Maybe he's ill and wants to make every moment count, or maybe his wife recently passed away and music reminds him of her, or maybe it's nothing bad at all...perhaps he just appreciates life and realizes it's much too short to waste and can't help but dance. He was having a great time, dancing in the sun and enjoying his day.

It's true, I totally snuck this photo of him while I was taking some of the kids. I couldn't help it - I had to have one of him...In that moment I was inspired and was grateful to him for throwing away his inhibitions and doing what he wanted. I believe in that...I believe in being happy, in loving, laughing, and living. In dancing. I don't know who he is or where he's from. And I hope it's not offensive to him that I post this photo - if he happens upon this somehow and wants it removed, I will do so. But I had to post it and give a shout out to this man, a stranger to me, because I felt inspired. And of course, I wanted to give you all a friendly reminder to enjoy life to the fullest. No matter your story...


Monday, June 28, 2010

Scentsy - With Giveaway

The long awaited, much anticipated, and seriously fantastic Scentsy giveaway is FINALLY here!!! I hope you are as excited as I am, because Scentsy is by far one of my favorite products. I just can't get enough. I recently had a party, which was a huge success (thanks to everyone who came and ordered!!) and now have a HUGE collection of scentsy bars, car candles (air fresheners), and travel tins. Plus a new warmer too! Trust me though, I use my warmers all.the.time. so I'm sure to need more in the fall/winter. Besides, some smells suit some seasons better than others.
Right now I am burning more fresh and summery smells - Grape Granita (think Grape Jolly Rancher), Cherry Limeade, Camu Camu, and Cucumber Lime just to name a few that have quickly made their way to the top of my list. I am having so much fun trying new scents and love when my husband comes home from work and mentions how good it smells.

Don't despair if you are someone who is sensitive to smells. I know several people who are as well (my mother included) who LOVE theirs. My mother uses hers all the time and has found several smells that don't bother her at all. So if you are thinking of it, I say take the chance...this is a way better and healthier (not to mention safer) alternative to candles and other room sprays.

So I bet you want one? My friend and Scentsy consultant, Amelia is offering one lucky winner the generous prize of a Full Size Scentsy system - One full sized Scentsy warmer of your choice plus three Scentsy bars in your choice of scents. How awesome is that!!!

Here's what you need to do to enter:

Comment below telling me which warmer is your favorite - check out the options HERE. You must do this in order for additional entries to count.

For ADDITIONAL entries:
 Please make each a separate comment 
*Let me know a scent you would like to try or your favorite if you have one already - 1 entry
*Become a follower of this blog - 1 entry
*Follow us on twitter (button on sidebar) and tweet this giveaway - 1 entry
*Blog about this giveaway and send me the link - 1 entry
*Place an order on Amelia's Scentsy site and let me know what you bought! - 5 entries

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US 
and will close Wednesday July 28, 2010.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quote for the week

Isn't this just perfect!

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” Epicurus

Friday, June 18, 2010

Are you forgetful?

Every time my cousin, Radelle (of Eternal Reflections Photography) comes to visit I can't help but reminisce about fun memories growing up. We didn't live in the same city but that didn't stop our families from getting together, usually at their farm in Wetaskiwin. I loved it there and have some pretty fabulous memories - while I'm a city girl (or cityslickers as my cousins used to call my brother and I) there's something so homey to me about being out on a farm...I'm thrilled as I look back that I was raised with the experiences of both.

One memory that always has me laughing is when we were all heading out for a day in Drumheller. We were so excited and running around outside just playing it up while my aunt and uncle got everything ready. When the vehicle was packed we all zipped in the house for one last bathroom break, jumped in the van, and off we went. Everything was going great and we were having a blast on the drive until I looked down at my, not my shoes, my feet. Me...the city girl....forgot my shoes at the farm. seriously. We were already halfway to Drumheller, and no - we did not turn back....nor did we work out a way to stop somewhere to get me a cheap replacement pair. I just had to make do and climb the hoodoos barefoot. And climb them I did...I'm hardcore like that.

You may wonder why I was barefoot in the first place. Well as farm kids, my cousins were used to running around the yard without shoes's just the way it was and when were were going out to play, they weren't waiting for me to get mine on. I had to keep up, and I did - though somehow I managed to be the ONLY one who didn't put shoes on for our trip.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

This makes me happy...

Plain and Simple - Palm Trees make me happy. They make me smile. In fact, I'm totally tempted to put a fake one in my backyard. seriously.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making the Cut

I've been working out with two friends since January. I enjoy working out with them and more recently have started genuinely LOVING working out...While I may not be able to do every exercise for the time allotted (sometimes I can't push through it and sometimes I don't) I really enjoy the classes we take. The 3 weeks prior to our family holiday I felt pretty motivated. I was getting up in the morning and doing an hour workout video (reviews on those to come) and then our hour class in the evening - 4 days a week. And you know, I noticed differences...I wish I had measured (I have since to track further progress), but even still...I noticed the way my shirts fit, even able to wear some shirts I hadn't been able to since I bought them. And I was able to wear shorts I haven't worn since I was pg with my son - 3 years ago. Well let me tell you how much better that made the trip. I had clothes to wear and felt like I looked good. Excellent...

Then we went on holidays. haha....Thankfully it didn't ruin me completely but I knew I had to get right back into it when we came home. Truth is - I missed it. So now I'm working on it all again and getting ready to commit myself even more. My friend and workout buddy, Laura recently bought this book by Jillian Michaels - Making the Cut. She was really happy with it, so I jumped on board and picked up my own copy a couple of days ago ($17 CAD at Wal-mart). I just finished reading it today and am motivated to try this out. I am taking the *Making the Cut Challenge* and I will be tracking my progress here. Scary hey? I have taken my measurements and will also do a before photo (that part REALLY scares me) and will be following the meal and workout plans laid out as best I can. I have no intention of cheating - it really is only 30 days and truth of it is, I want to see if it will work. It makes sense to me, feels like a good lifestyle and one I can keep up, and I won't know unless I give it my all.  I was a huge fan of Biggest Loser this season (doesn't everyone look fantastic!!) and can't deny this *chick* gets results! Besides, it really is about LIFESTYLE changes, not dieting or quick fixes.

So, wish me luck...No I am not trying to look *like* Jillian....I don't think we have similar body types anyways....however I am interested in being toned like she is and having my body at it's best. Besides - having some new recipes to try is always exciting. I've already made out a list of snack options according to my body (she has it broken down into 3 categories and has meal plans for each) so I can put that on my fridge and make smart choices when I'm feeling snacky.

I'm committed...anyone want to join me??


Dear Burger King...

Thank you SOOOOO much for bringing back THIS:

I don't generally like really spicy things - I prefer to taste my food as opposed to just a burning sensation on my tongue. But this...I don't know - it is soooo good. I found out right before our holiday that they were back - so yes I went THAT night and got one for me and a friend for dinner (okay, it was like 9pm and right after my workout, but who's keeping track lol). It was her first time and she was super impressed. It tasted just as good as I had remembered, though I did take off some of my jalapenos as for some reason they were a bit too much for me that night. And I never get tomatoes because well, I don't like them. at all. The onion rings are TO DIE FOR on this burger...the jalapeno bacon and cheese....delish! I LOVE this burger....

But let's be real - the burger I got at the window doesn't look nearly as *well manicured* as the one pictured (from the BK website). Though I must admit it is not lacking in anything and I have never had an experience like the one in THIS post (seriously read it, it's pretty funny). To the BK this guy had the misfortune of eating from - seriously people....step up your game. the one I get to enjoy (rarely mind you.....what is the point of paying for a gym membership, working out, and then eating fast food like this??) I have been nothing but pleased.

So YAY to the return of the Angry Whopper. I wish you were healthy so I could eat you ALL.THE.TIME.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dress-A-Mee Dolls WINNERS!!!

Here you have it....THREE fabulous winners for these awesome Dress-A-Mee Dolls! The Grand Prize (Starter pack which includes two dolls, two sets of clothes and one set of accessories) goes to lucky comment #15: said... Then the sunkissed set to go with the kelsey doll! Fun idea!

And the TWO teaser packs containing one doll and one set of clothes go to comments #10 & 15:

Melissa said... The sunday school set and pop star set are also very cute.. I actually love them all. Very cute idea!!

The Jensens said... I follow you on twitter

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!! I'll be in touch!!! These are awesome and I can't wait to hear how you like them!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The wrong way to start a trip...

Just 4 days before we were supposed to leave, my 2 1/2 year old woke up sick :( Really not good timing but I had high hopes he would recover quickly or at the very least be manageable (at the risk of sharing too much info, let's just say he had to visit the potty often). Unfortunately his little body had different plans and around dinner time Wednesday night his stomach decided that nothing was worth keeping down. Aside from being lethargic he was also starting to look pretty yucky but nothing too worrisome. I headed out for my gym class, tanning, and then a tv show date with a friend of mine. Shortly after I returned home (11pm) he woke up crying having *lost his lunch* so to speak all over his bed. As I was rocking him, it happened again. We showered him and every time I looked at him I got scared. Something was seriously wrong....he didn't look like my little boy....he was pale, his face was thinner, and his eyes were sunken. We called a friend to come stay at the house while our daughter slept and we headed to the ER. It all happened so quickly but it was clear this poor little boy needed fluids so he got an iv (not a fun experience I tell you!) and we proceeded to spend two nights in the hospital. The pediatrician said his kidneys were ready to pack it in (scary!!). But my sweet little Jonah was such a trooper, despite all the poking and prodding and lack of sleep. And although he wasn't completely recovered the pediatrician discharged him at our discretion....and we being the great parents that we are, put him (and his sister) in a car for 22 hours to get to our holiday. (just pass the parents of the year award this way). He hardly slept at all but really showed few signs of being sick on the drive....we truly feel blessed and were able to have a fantastic holiday.

Here are some photos from the hospital - he was one sick little boy, but thankfully the nurses and dr's worked hard to help get him healthy for our trip. Within just a few days he was back to himself and driving us crazy :D

 The next day....a whole lot better but still not enough to be discharged. Thank goodness for the DS

Friday, May 28, 2010

First things First...

I have sooo much to update and blog about....we just returned home from our family holiday (Disneyland and San Diego) and i have so many things to talk about.....but you're going to have to wait. I've neglected to redraw for the Word Decor giveaway...having not heard from the original winner I have used to select a new winner. YAY - and that lucky winner is comment #9

Blogger Skye and Aaron said...
I'm a follower.
CONGRATULATIONS SKYE!!! I'll be in touch to find out the details and we'll go from there!
Stay tuned everyone for the Dress a Me Dolls giveaway! Three winners will be announced!  

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Order your Scentsy today!

That's right - today is my Scentsy party! I realize not everyone can make it which is why an online party has been set up if you are in Canada or the USA. Please visit Amelia's site HERE and click the *order from this party* button next to *Hailey's Canadian Party* (left hand side, halfway down). If you are from the USA change your market to USA in the top right hand corner!

Oh and don't be worried about how to get your order to you - Scentsy has the fabulous option of being able to have your order sent directly to your door! How fabulous is that!

These are perfect for yourself, as gifts...weddings, showers, birthdays, etc. Mother's Day is around the corner and while these won't arrive exactly in time - isn't it the thought that counts!! :D (leave the link up with your wishlist so your husband or significant other finds it! *excellent!*)

Hope everyone has had a great start to the week :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scentsy - I'M HAVING A PARTY!!!

I first ordered my Scentsy items on a whim over 2 years ago. A friend of mine who was living in the States at the time, was having an online party and as a result of her personal enamour with the product I had to try it out. I have always loved candles and yummy smells, so I knew this was the product for me.

Initially inspired by an Oprah show on Millionaire Moms combined with her sister in law's story of her neighbour breaking candles and melting the pieces in an old potpourri warmer, Kara Egan experienced her *aha moment* (as Oprah would say). Joining forces with her sister in law (Colette Gunnell), they set out to perfect the idea of melting candle chunks in a safe and stylish warmer. And perfect they did - Since 2004 Scentsy has only gotten bigger...and bigger...okay and bigger :) If you don't have one or haven't seen one, you are in for a real treat. If you do have one, I'm sure you too can see why this business has taken off so well. I'm sure we all wish we would have thought of it too ;)

Completely safe (the wax doesn't even get hot!!), stylish, and the scents are absolutely delicious (something for everyone I assure you) - I am absolutely IN LOVE with this product. And now, even moreso since coming to Canada *YAY*  They are perfect as gifts (think birthdays, mother's day, teachers, hostess, etc.) and their Multi-Packs make them affordable for pretty much everyone! (Although in truth they are reasonably priced to begin with, but doesn't everybody love a bit of savings!). Don't forget to check out their selection of Travel Tins, Hanging Fresheners, and Room Sprays too (see, there really is something for everybody!).

So let's get to the party business! My friend, Amelia has signed up as a Consultant - so naturally I've signed up to host a party! Not only do I love the product, but I'm more than happy to help support her in this venture.

Party Details:
Where: My House (please e-mail for address)
When: Tuesday May 4th, 2010
Time: 630pm-900pm (though you are certainly welcome to stay longer!)

If you aren't from my area or can't make it, don't fret! Amelia has set up my party on her website so you can order online! How awesome is that! Go to her site HERE and you'll notice a list of her open parties in the left margin. Click on the *order from this party* button next to *Hailey's Fabulous Party* and start shopping! IF you are from the USA you can still order and your products will be sent to you!!! 

It doesn't stop here! Amelia has also agreed to sponsor a giveaway the first week of May. More details to come on this fabulous giveaway. Thanks Amelia! Any order on my party will receive 5 entries for the giveaway (all you'll have to do is comment on the giveaway post saying you ordered!) So keep your eyes out - it's a fabulous giveaway you won't want to miss! 

Check out all of the scents HERE, but to help you out a bit some of my favorite scents are: Camu Camu, Home Sweet Home, Guava Nectar (a fave of Amelia's too), Beach, Cinnamon Bear, Sticky Cinnamon Bun,  Cranberry Mango, Coconut Lemongrass, oh and sooo many more! (It's sooo difficult to choose).

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well the time has come to choose a winner for the fabulous (and generous) $50 gift certificate from Word Decor-n-More.....lucky #15:

Brittany Bastian said...I love so many of them! I htink I would choose maybe the "always kiss me goodnight" for my bedroom, or the "angels danced the day you were born" for my baby girl's room!

Enjoy spending your certificate - hope you'll send 
photos of what you get!

**Brittany - you didn't leave an e-mail address...please e-mail me ( and we can arrange your prize :)**

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Epicure - Review

I don't like tomatoes. at all. The strange thing about it is I like everything made from tomatoes, except fresh salsa...I don't know...too fresh? lol I remember working at a greenhouse years ago (oh my word I can actually say that and it's true...*eek*) and although my favorite to water was the herb and veggies *house* I absolutely detested the smell of the tomato plants. Even now, I can't spend a whole lot of time in that aisle of the produce section. In fact, while there today my daughter even noticed it saying, "ugh, what is that smell?" haha...I wish I liked tomatoes - they seem to finish off so many dishes nicely and really so many great dishes are made with tomatoes. They are healthy...I just don't like them. And yes, even if I don't know they are in something I will taste them. blech...

until I found this! Epicure Fruit Salsa - fresh tomatoes mixed with crushed pineapple and this fabulous seasoning mix...and voila! it's delish! I LOVE it...seriously love it. It's fresh and delicious and so good with tortilla chips - with or without cheese.

This weekend my sister in law had bruschetta at a family function. Naturally I don't like bruschetta, but boy did it smell good. And the yummy little garlic baquette slices. Oh how I wish I liked tomatoes. I had a bright idea today while grocery shopping and bought the tomatoes and the baguette and made this delicious fruit salsa on toasted garlic baguette slices for supper. I LOVED IT! I do think next time I'll add more of the bruschetta ingredients (green onion, peppers, etc.) but for now this was perfect. And it was enough to fill me up (I may or may not have had double what I planned to. lol) and get me through my step class and the rest of the night (no after workout munching for me).

So here's my shout out for Epicure Fruit Salsa! Try's DELICIOUS!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear CaramelJubilee

Where can I find you?! I never had the chance to see if your caramels tasted as good as they look..

Tell me people - don't these pumpkin Pie Caramels look DIVINE?! Also made in several awesome flavors such as Black Licorice, Pomegranate, Vanilla, and Chocolate just to name a few.

So I'm just throwing this out to the *world wide web* and if anyone knows where I can find these awesome caramels, do pass along the info.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Andreadespot - Review

Well really, I just love this photo. And I want it in my house somewhere....once I get the kitchen redone and everything put together - I can't pinpoint one specific thing...I just love it all, everything about it....the colours, the oranges, the dish... And I can't lie - I also like that it's called *fancy oranges* - doesn't every girl want to be fancy?

Check out more of her photos  in her Etsy shop HERE or on one of her many websites/blogs:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mellonmonkeys - Review

Every once in a while I take some time and go through my favorite stores on etsy. It's either a store I've purchased from or one I saw an item from that caught my eye. I've taken a few moments to do just that and am I ever glad. I'm excited about this shop all over again! Based out of Rexbourg, Idaho, these two stay at home moms have really come up with some adorable items.

This is the dress that first caught my eye. Seriously, this photo just makes me smile. I went for a little browse through the Mellonmonkeys shop and came across some other fabulous items and ideas. I've loved pillowcase dresses for a while but haven't gotten my act together to either buy or make one. I have a feeling this may change in the very near future. I love them - and how adorable is this one in the spring *jelly bean* fabric!

Don't worry though - it's not just for girls. Mellonmonkeys also offers items for boys - YAY!!!. When Jonah was little I had him in onesies with a tie applique on them. They were sooo cute, but now that's he's 2 1/2 (and has been out of onesies for a looooong time) I think a *real* tie is in order. Well imagine my excitement when I saw these awesome ties - and the options! I'm so excited! Oh wait, it gets even better! Not only do they do adorable ties BUT even more adorable tie and dress sets...perfect for my kids. How fun is this going to be to have coordinating outfits. I can't wait for family photos - I'm so going to order a set....but the question is, will I be able to stop at just one. LOL Am I the only one picturing family reunion photos?

One of the other things that I love is the affordable pricing AND shipping, even to Canada. I absolutely detest spending a fortune on shipping  and Mellonmonkeys makes sure that doesn't happen.

If you are interested in making a pillowcase dress yourself, check out their DIY (do it yourself) kits HERE and their fabric etsy shop HERE. They certainly make it easy! While I love making things myself, I also know my *to do list* is long and at the risk of adding yet another project to it, I'm planning on simply ordering in the near future. I will definitely update you all on my experience! In the meantime, feel free to check it out. Not only is their feedback 100%, but the comments left will give you nothing but confidence in ordering from Mellonmonkeys!

Don't forget to check out their BLOG and you can also follow them on FACEBOOK!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

CoverGirl Lash Blast Length - Review

I remember my cousin telling me about her new favorite mascara - CoverGirl Lash Blast - in the orange tube. Mascara has long been my favorite *essential* makeup products, and yes it's likely because I'm pretty vain about my eyelashes. I love them, what can I say. And I LOVED Lash Blast as soon as I tried it. It's pretty much been my exclusive mascara since then and it's nice having one that I love that doesn't break the bank. I generally just buy the on sale mascara (I know I know), but now I don't have to.

I've been wanting to try the new LashBlast Length since I saw the ad for it. I can't lie - their marketing decision to use bright yellow definitely helps. Nice choice I say - it's catchy, a little edgy, and screams fun. Yellow just makes me happy.

I finally made the purchase and couldn't wait to try it out. Immediately I loved the long skinny brush. Not that I've ever thought a mascara brush was heavy, but this one feels so light and easy to use. And I LOVE what it does to my lashes. I love how the mascara goes on - it's not too thick or clumpy, and I haven't had any problems with it smudging at all.

I don't know that I have a preference between the two, but you can be sure that my makeup bag will contain one or the other at any given time - for a very long time. Yes, I love it THAT much. Yay CoveGirl :D

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dress-A-Mee Dolls

I used to love paper dolls as a kid. I loved punching out all of the clothing options and would play for hours dressing and redressing them. Though I remember them fondly, I also remember being so frustrated at how easily they tore or got wrecked. They certainly weren't *built to last*, but they sure were fun. I'm pretty certain I have found the next best thing. When I saw that a friend of mine had joined this group on facebook - Dress-A-Mee Dolls - I had to check it out. I loved the idea immediately and was so excited at the prospect of providing my daughter (and son too, truth be told he loves barbies and such as much as she with a little taste of my childhood.

I was so excited when Ginger agreed to send an item for review. In my opinion, she went above and beyond, sending me a fun little sampler package with 2 dolls and a bunch of clothing options. This is sooo handy so my kids don't fight over them. I love that they are heat seal-laminated and so durable, so they are free from risk of being ruined...and the items are so adorable, I can see the storylines now :) There is no shortage of options - halloween costumes, church clothes, pop star costumes, beach wear, pyjamas, etc. Each item attaches with masking tape (or any other kind of tape you prefer), though I'm personally inclined to add magnets to the back of all of our pieces. I think it will just make them that much easier.

I am really thrilled with these and think they are not only adorable, but well made. Sometimes I think we are so bombarded by all the *new things* that we forget all the fun and simple things we grew up with. It's nice to go back to the basics every once in a while...and these will help you do just that. Perfect for a car ride, at the doctor's office, church, a funeral, or wedding, etc. And so easy to tote around - I'm so used to having barbie legs sticking out of my purse, this will be a nice change. (ooo Ginger, can you make a mermaid costume?? like maybe a disney princess dress set?? my son would love you forever!!). I also love that these dolls are designed to look like *healthy* boys and girls - without being made out to look like mini models. Yes you read right - boys too....there are sets for both. Awesome!

Ginger is again going above and beyond and offering prizes for THREE winners! The first winner will receive a Starter pack which includes two dolls, two sets of clothes and one set of accessories. And TWO teaser packs containing one doll and one set of clothes for the other two winners.

To enter, comment below telling me which set is your favorite (Check out the photos HERE). You must do this in order for additional entries to count.

For ADDITIONAL entries:
 Please make each a separate comment 
*Let me know another set you'd love to try - 1 entry
*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 entry
*Become a follower of this blog - 1 entry
*Follow Dress-A-Mee Dolls on Facebook - 1 entry
*Follow us on twitter (button on sidebar) and tweet this giveaway - 1 entry
*Blog about this giveaway and send me the link - 1 entry
*Order from Dress-a-Mee Dolls and let me know! - 5 entries
*Tell a friend about this giveaway (THEY need to leave a comment with YOUR name) - 5 entries EACH
This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US 
and will close Monday May 3, 2010.

Z.Daisy Winner

This makes me laugh. It really is worthwhile to enter the really is. Whether there are 100 entries or in this case 5 (2 separate people), it can really pay off.

In fact, I think this win marks the 3rd or 4th for this person. Congrats go to comment #2: said...okay, so for whatever reason my first comment didn't post so hopefully this doesn't duplicate. Like you, I think the kerchief in monica pink is my fav!
February 27, 2010 12:28 AM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Definitely exciting and since I have your address already, I'll pass along your information so your kerchief can be mailed. 
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Orglamix - Review

I find makeup shopping kind of overwhelming. There seems to be so much to choose from and though I do like trying new products, I don't like the idea of spending money on something that might not work the way I want it to.  So I rarely add to my collection, though I often stand in the makeup aisle staring longingly - and a little confused. LOL I have wanted to try mineral makeup for a while, so when I was in need of replenishing some of my items, I decided to check it out.

I immediately went to the trusty Etsy site to see what was there. I had so much fun looking around. One of the first sellers I was impressed with was Orglamix. I loved the variety and the photos were perfect to give an idea of what you were really looking at. Okay I can't lie, I love a little bling too so the *sparkly* effect had me from the start.

I wasn't sure at first what to get so I was really happy when I noticed the Essential/Starter Kit section. I decided on the Hazel Collection, Grape Hyacinth and Chocolate Chip Cookie Eye Shadows, the Pink Pepper blush, and a makeup brush.

What can I say - I'm THRILLED. Seriously THRILLED. I love the way it looks and the way it shimmers. It just makes me smile :) It all goes on nicely and stays on - and of course is super easy to take off. In addition, all Orglamix products are formulated without:
Nano Particles, Bismuth Oxychloride, Synthetic Dyes, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Parabens. Orglamix is also a proud member of PETA. All of their products come with money back guarantee, so there really is nothing to lose.

Orglamix has quickly become one of my new favorite Etsy stores and definitely gets the Cute Like Me Seal of Approval. So hop on over and check out their products. I'm certain you'll love them too!

My to do list..

I was curious about my own progress with the list I posed last week....I've crossed off the ones I've managed to accomplish or at least begin to's kind of exciting to go back and see what I've gotten done.

1. Wake up early to exercise every morning, either at home or the gym (well I had good intentions)
2. I have 2 review and giveaway posts to write, and a few other just review posts coming
3. I have inventory to update on my website
4. I need to update my journal (it's been a year....thank goodness I keep track of everything on the calendar so updating is really easy)
5. I need to update my personal blog documenting  my journal since Brent and I were dating - oh I'm only 7 years behind *gah*. I'd really like to get this up to date this year - it's definitely not a this week thing. LOL
6. Keep the kitchen and house clean of course (I've done a decent job of this...most of the time)
7. Laundry (always)
8. Finish organizing Craft room - it's almost there....and is looking so awesome!
9. I have gym classes pretty much every night to go to that I LOVE! (I've actually missed a few BUT have been doing my workout dvd's at home instead...yay!!)
10. Outside play time with the kids because the weather has been great!
11. Mail out a couple of orders as well as the package for Kayla
12. and many other little things I'm sure (I am waiting on a bunch of review/giveaway items to post about as well)
13. Clean Front Room 
14. Complete 4 small sewing projects
15. Clean Brooklyn's room (she did it)

I did a pretty good job I'd say. I'm happy with it...The thing with lists is, you cross off one thing and put two more in its place. LOL So obviously it's never *done* but still seeing the progress is motivating :D

Hope you are having a great week!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Word Decor-N-More - With Giveaway

Vinyl accents are all the rage right now...and it's no wonder. Finally an affordable decorating tool that is easily personalized to any living space. Have a favorite quote or design that would just finish off a room perfectly? Word Decor-n-More offers so many ideas to help you find that perfect accent for your home. Not exactly sure what you want? Check out their *Pre-Designed Quotes* (with a whole scad of categories)  and *Finishing Touches* sections for inspiration. Don't see something that's exactly what you want? Go ahead and *Design Your Own* for a truly personal touch. I have heard wonderful things about their *custom design* tool - so don't be afraid...Try it out and see what you come up with!  There is truly something for everyone.

Naturally I was THRILLED when I was given the opportunity to review an item of my choice from their site. Because I am generally pretty indecisive and there are a few rooms in our home that still need to be redone, I was a little unsure of what to pick. I scoured the the quotes (I love quotes), considered the designs and finally decided on THIS one for my daughter's room. Having recently redone it, I knew it was the best room to choose. The circles were perfect and just a fun element to have on the otherwise bare walls. Of course it didn't hurt that the sample photo used almost the exact colours of her room. I put in my request for the Circles in Apple Green and Bubblegum Pink and awaited their arrival.

I think the sample photo was a little deceiving, as I expected the exact pattern to arrive ready to put on the wall. Which would have been fine of course, but was I ever pleased to see there were two sheets, each filled with multiple circles in each of the colours. It really left the creativity to me which was a little daunting but loads of fun at the same time. There is truly no *wrong* way to do it. The more and more I see her room, the more I love it. (She has a framed magnetic board that needs to be hung over her dresser, so only parts of the *lone* circles will be visible.) And while I am anxious to get shelves up in her room as well, now I don't feel the need as badly. The walls are no longer bare!  Putting them on was so easy, and because they are so removable, I was able to change my mind as I went. I love that! Now just to finish off the other rooms in our house so I can do some serious shopping :D

Don't forget to check out their Bargain Bin and Just Released sections as well. Looking through I came across THIS - I may have to redo my son's room. *grin* It's soooo cute!

Andrea at Word Decor-n-More has not only sent me this awesome set for review but she is offering one lucky winner their very own $50 gift certificate! I can't lie, I'm kind of bummed I don't get to enter. LOL

To enter, comment below and let me know which of their designs you would love to have in your home. You must do this in order for additional entries to count.

For ADDITIONAL entries:
 Please make each a separate comment 
*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 entry
*Become a follower of this blog - 1 entry
*Follow us on twitter (button on sidebar) and tweet this giveaway - 1 entry
*Blog about this giveaway and send me the link - 1 entry
*Order from Word Decor-n-More and let me know! - 5 entries
    **'s a flat $6 shipping charge for the USA and Canada...and free for orders over $75**
*Host an E-Party that begins while this giveaway is running - 5 entries
*Tell a friend about this giveaway (THEY need to leave a comment with YOUR name) - 5 entries EACH

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US 
and will close Monday April 19, 2010.

What's on your list?

I've been taking more time in the last few months to sit down and relax a bit more...I've watched more movies, gotten more done around the house (with lots still left to do), played more games, tried to get to bed at a better time, and of course gotten more things organized work wise ( - which is sooo exciting). But I still have a long list of things to do....most of them I am going to tackle this week. It's time to really utilize my time the best I can. I'm pretty happy sleeping in every morning and luckily my kids are really accomodating to that, though my daughter rarely wakes up before me. LOL Today was though my last day for doing this. I lose about 2 1/2 hours every morning where I could be getting some other things done instead of *wasting away* with unnecessary sleep. Though I love it - it's not the habit I want to continue in our least not EVERY day. Anyways, here's my list for the week:

1. Wake up early to exercise every morning, either at home or the gym
2. I have 2 review and giveaway posts to write, and a few other just review posts coming
3. I have inventory to update on my website
4. I need to update my journal (it's been a year....thank goodness I keep track of everything on the calendar so updating is really easy)
5. I need to update my personal blog documenting  my journal since Brent and I were dating - oh I'm only 7 years behind *gah*. I'd really like to get this up to date this year - it's definitely not a this week thing. LOL
6. Keep the kitchen and house clean of course
7. Laundry (always)
8. Finish organizing Craft room - it's almost there....and is looking so awesome!
9. I have gym classes pretty much every night to go to that I LOVE!
10. Outside play time with the kids because the weather has been great!
11. Mail out a couple of orders as well as the package for Kayla
12. and many other little things I'm sure (I am waiting on a bunch of review/giveaway items to post about as well)
13. Clean Front Room 
14. Complete 4 small sewing projects
15. Clean Brooklyn's room (she did it)

It's going to be a busy week, BUT I love making lists and getting things accomplished...and I love having lots on the go. 

What's on your list this week....I think lists are awesome and a great way to stay organized and prioritize! It can perhaps seem overwhelming to consider ALL that we want to accomplish, but there are some on the list that are always relatively *easy* to start with those so your time is more free to spend on the bigger items.

Let's have a great week everyone! A giveaway will be posted later today!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gift Bags...

It always amazes me when I see the price of gift bags in stores...moreso when usually just a few blocks a way there's a dollar store where you could get 10+ for the same price. It blows me away....So naturally I was completely THRILLED when I happened upon this find at Zellers....13 - yes THIRTEEN gift bags for $2.84 or something like that. that's even better than the dollar store....and the bags - sooo cute!!! Definitely girlie, but definitely worth having a stock of. These are considered *medium* size - 8"x4.25"x10" - and are perfect for loads of things...

I am SO excited about them!!! I may have to go back and get more...I'll try and post a photo sometime tonight so you can see them!

Stay tuned...a review and giveaway for Word Decor-N-More is on its way :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Life Changes...

One year ago this very moment exactly one year ago my husband and I were sitting with our kids, his sister and her then boyfriend (Chris) in his house completely unsure of what to do in our state of shock.

Earlier that evening at my parents house for Sunday Supper, in the middle of my mom and I's weekly Scrabble game we got a phone call. Expecting it was my sister in law letting us know their uncle had finally passed away (had not been doing well for a long time and had recently had a nasty fall)...I think Brent assumed the same thing when he heard his sister on the other end. But his reaction said it all....the repetitive *WHAT?* as though he hadn't heard correctly - when really it was plain and simply that he didn't want it to be what he had heard. Never did it cross my mind that something had happened to his dad.

Two days after officially retiring and beginning what was going to be an awesome and relaxing summer filled with family and friends and loads of our Condo in the states (first trip there since buying into it)....just the second day there...riding his bike down the hill to meet everyone at the pool. My sister in law and mother in law were driving to the pool and came upon the fire truck only letting one car through at a time. Not only did she have the thought to stop *in case dad had been hit by a car* but she actually stopped and they checked (inspired). Seeing his shoes first, then his was clearly him. Not hit by a car, thank goodness....but a heart attack. Just 60 years old. A complete shock...complete....

And my husband's uncle, though that was not his time, did pass away later on in the year. And so 2009 brought two sisters into their new lives as widows. Thank goodness they have each other. But there were too many memories still left to, nothing was left unsaid or undone out of *putting off* but sometimes circumstances don't allow for things.....just 3 weeks before Brent was to graduate (this put a real kink in that and set him back a year), 6 weeks before my sister in law gave birth to her 3rd (and final) child, and a few months before my brother in law's wedding. Not to mention the countless other times since then that his presence has been sorely missed.

Life goes on. It  has to. But we miss him...and often we see or do things...the kids say or do something...and we can' t help but wish he was right here seeing it too. Sometimes loved ones are really taken much too early...and while I've seen a lot of young people die in my life - for the first time I have begun to really and deeply understand the finality of no longer having their constant presence. And let's be honest. It sucks.

Life changes...we do what we can. We miss, we love...we cherish...and we give even more to those around us because we know. we understand....we've been rudely awakened (even if we didn't need to be) to the reality that we just never know. And we are better people because we had him in our lives. But wish we could have had him a little bit longer - no, A LOT.

As my cousin would say, le sigh. And we move forward...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


With THESE...

I love shoes....though I haven't always been able to add to my collection like I want to. It's always fun to find something different, unique....something that not everybody else has. And really, shoes can be the best way to dress up an outfit - add some pizazz and personality. I seriously JUST happened upon this Etsy shop about 10 minutes ago and had to come right on here and blog about it. I had to smile when I saw their initial statement in the description of the Obsession Shoes:

Shoes. Perfume. Purses. Dresses. We don't have obsessions with buying the things that we like. It's really a form of passion; not obsession.

Cocopunkz is a collaboration of two artists (based in Vancouver, Canada - yay Canada) who love shoes, art and style that stands out. Each pair of shoes is lovingly hand painted, and with the high standard they place on themselves shoes are not listed unless both are satisfied with the results. Never duplicating a style, you can be sure yours will be unique! See a style in their shop that isn't in your size - don't fret....they'll lovingly create a similar custom design that's perfect for you.

While the prices may be higher than you're used to, rest assured there is no compromising quality like you're used to. There's something to be said about a one of kind piece - perfect for work, special events, and especially some of those one of kind events. One customer even wrote saying Cocopunkz made her a custom pair for her wedding. How awesome is that! These have easily taken a place on my *to save up for* list - I love them....and with a 10th anniversary party just 2 1/2 years away it would be pretty awesome to celebrate in my very own custom pair of Cocopunkz shoes.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Winner - Peek A Boob Strips

 It pays to follow the contest rules ladies.....The winner of this awesome prize SHOULD have been LUCKY #9, BUT she did not comment stating which item she would use the product for.....It actually pains me to pass the prize on to someone else for something as trivial as this - BUT rules are rules. So unfortunately dear commenter #9, this prize will not be making it's way to you. :(

The re-drawn winner is Comment #8 - CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Anonymous said...
I have a dress that the top half is a button up and i have a peek-a-boob when I wear it, also every one of my button up shirts!

Winner has been notified and has 48 hours to respond.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Out of the Box Sampler - Review (AND SALE!!!)

I blogged about this company on my Cute Like Me Blog after my contribution had been you tube'd by a customer! How exciting is that - she loved the hair clip so much she video'd her daughter wearing it. Turns out, this particular clip happens to be the exact colours of her school uniform - excellent! 

I absolutely love this idea. In business since 2006, Out of the Box Sampler helps bring together buyers and sellers in the world of *handmade*.  So if you are tired of searching for the best candles, bath and body products, jewelry, gourmet goodies, and other handmade items, let them do the work for you. 

Each month boxes are filled to the brim with 15-17 different businesses' samples for you to enjoy. The boxes are overflowing with items like melts, scrubs, candles, gourmet foods, jewelry, coupons, and much much more. All from some of the best *e-tailers* on the web.

I was thrilled when Michelle offered a sample box for review - I love finding new companies. February's sponsor list was huge and my box was definitely full of fun items. I've only had the chance to try a few so far but I am definitely impressed. The first to be tested (and tasted) was the gourmet popcorn from Michele's Sweet Shoppe. A perfect individually sized bag of Choco Caramel Coconut popcorn awaited our tastebuds. I'm not generally a fan of chocolate so I passed the bag to a friend and my husband to try. HEAVEN...though my friend nearly polished off the whole bag herself, she did insist that I have one taste. It was seriously delicious and we immediately checked out the website to see the other flavors....there are some yummy sounding ones for sure.

I was also really excited to find a small bath bomb/fizzer from Bathgasm as my kids and a friend used up NINE large bath bombs about a month ago in ONE bath....oh yes they did (they really did smell pretty amazing after though lol). So one Sunday after church I immediately locked myself in the bathroom for a delicious bath sans kids. And it was perfect! I loved the sample size of the bath fizz - I usually take a hammer to the large ones and just a piece for each bath. And the smell was soooo nice. When the time comes that I take the plunge and buy more bath fizzes not only will I be hiding them better, but Bathgasm is certainly a store I'll be checking out.

I also tried the Spicy Taco Seasoning from Lip Smackin' Creations and both my friend and I were THRILLED. It was really delicious - it's always kind of fun to have a specialty product to use. Sometimes they have that extra little kick that makes everything taste just that much better. Check out her etsy store for everything from spices to pancake mix to dessert. If her taco seasoning is any indication, you are certain to be THRILLED!
I definitely have more to test out and will be writing reviews along the way - hopefully some will also include giveaways. But certainly check out Out of the Box Sampler for an assortment of great items. Some may be filled with a few similar items (bath products for example) but I actually love that...I can try products from a few companies and compare. In addition, I think this is a great purchase if you want to have some fun little gifts on hand. Or purchase one to send to a friend for their birthday - what an awesome gift AND you don't have to take care of the packing or the shipping! It's brilliant! And how adorable is the packaging - I'm not sure why exactly but I LOVE these boxes.....

Now you  may be wondering how much something like this will cost. In the USA not only is shipping FREE, but right now the box is just $22.50!!! And for Canadian orders, shipping is just $10 for a total of $32.50. I really don't think you can beat that. 

So take a minute to check out their March box...and of course, let me know if you get one! I'm going through the list of March sponsors right now and am seriously tempted to get one myself. LOL 

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Z.Daisy - With Giveaway!

This is a story that you have heard before…but is always fun to read about. Two moms, two friends, two people that love to be creative and want to go a little beyond the kids craft time with their creativity…and help with the family income if possible! Z. Daisy was created in hopes of making life a little easier for moms and dads out there. Their best selling Binkie Bungee was created because they could not find a cute pacifier clip on the market that was soft and had a secure clip. Wanting to help keep those pacifiers and blankies off the dirty floor, "bungees" were born. As their children grow they expand their line for fun things that they love...hence the girl's accessories.I'm pretty sure your little girls will love them too! I know I fell in love the first time I browsed their site.

Having been in business since 2006 (and I tend to think even earlier than that), they were certainly among the first to offer such products. Perhaps no longer unique in terms of function they are certainly unique when it comes to design, style, and quality. I LOVE the fabrics they use and the overall look of each of their products. On first glance/browse online I knew this was a company I wanted to promote. Everything looks well made and is so adorable, I was certain my daughter would LOVE it. I was also really happy to see their section of *eco friendly* products. Going Green is something that is getting more and more press lately and there are more and more people trying to make even those little changes to help make a difference. I was really impressed to see them making the effort to accomodate that, without having to compromise on style and function. We really can have it all!

When Brooke offered me an item of my choice for review I had NO idea what to choose. Truly I wanted one of everything but also wanted to choose something my daughter could use now (instead of having to wait until we have another child at some point in the future). This left me at either a belt (ADORABLE), headband (aren't they great!) or a kerchief (SOOO CUTE) - I couldn't choose, so I left it to Brooke to decide. I know, how nice of me!

In the mail arrived the softest, most adorable (and kiddie chic) Monica Pink Kerchief - my daughter loves getting things in the mail (just like her mama) and was so happy with this. she loves rubbing it on her cheek - it's soooo soft! And, if I do say so myself, she looks adorable in it. Brooke - I want one for me too!! :D It fits nicely, it stays well...and it's completely washable! I LOVE that!

ONE Lucky Winner is going to win a kerchief of their choice as well! What a great gift for your child or for someone you know.

To enter, comment below and let me know which kerchief is your favorite. You must do this in order for additional entries to count.

For ADDITIONAL entries:
 Please make each a separate comment 
*Let me know another item on their website you'd love to try - 1 entry
*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 entry
*Become a follower of this blog - 1 entry
*Follow us on twitter (button on sidebar) and tweet this giveaway - 1 entry
*Blog about this giveaway and send me the link - 1 entry
*Subscribe to Z.Daisy's Blog - 1 entry
*Follow on Twitter - 1 entry
*Order from Z.Daisy and let me know! - 5 entries
*Tell a friend about this giveaway (THEY need to leave a comment with YOUR name) - 5 entries EACH

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US 
and will close Wednesday March 10 , 2010.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We have a winner!!!

YAY for Booda Bellie for sponsoring this giveaway!! I can't wait for the winner to receive her item and find out how soft the clothing really is!

For this awesome giveaway the prize goes to lucky commenter #21:

Blogger Alysha said...
I'm a follower ;)
February 18, 2010 10:11 AM
*Winner has been notified and has 48 hours to respond*

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Purple Pig Shirts - Review

Being back at the gym recently I've really started getting more interested in having *nice* workout know, ones I feel good in. It may sound silly, but it really does make a difference. My friend recently pointed out that one of my pairs of yoga pants make my legs look really skinny - you can bet I'll be wearing those EVERY time we go. LOL

The thing is, it's not really the pants/capris I have an issue's finding a nice top that is comfortable and breathable. I immediately fell in love with the clothing from Purple Pig and was so excited when they offered me a shirt of my choice to review. I chose the Peace, Love, Clarity shirt - though the decision was not easy. I love how soft it is - it's that perfect *thickness* for a workout tee - I know I won't be overheating during cardio and it's super cute that I can feel great in it at the gym. In addition - and thankfully - it's also clear that it's great quality and isn't going to fall apart at the first sign of sweat (okay that doesn't really happen anyways, but you get the point).

Their yoga shirts are created based on their desire to share their commitment to health and wellness in a fun way. These shirts are not only for practicing Yoga, Pilates and Meditation but any wellness activity. Because they are so soft and the designs are so fun...they encourage everyone to wear these soft t-shirts anytime, anywhere.

Browsing this site again I see they have added some new items since I last looked. I am of course in the market for more workout clothing and this site is definitely on my list to shop at. Considering I got asked yesterday if I'm pregnant again - oh for the third time in about 3 months *gasp*  I should probably hit the gym harder than I have been. (in case you are I am not pregnant...and no I am not trying....and no we are not done. lol)

Oh and you can also become a fan on Facebook and a follower on Twitter! But of course, don't forget to check out their fabulous site - I bet they have something just for you! And if you hurry, you might be able to catch their sale - a couple of items have been lowered by 30%!!!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Need a new Wireless Mouse??

Sandra at Adventures in MommyLand (and the mother of Kayla from THIS post) is giving away FIVE Wireless Mouse 3000 from microsoft!

Our poor little wireless mouse is is desperate need of replacement. After having been dropped way too many times, the wireless *stick* doesn't always stay in the mouse to recharge *annoying*....and doesn't always work either, though thankfully that isn't too common. So I am of course hoping I win one of them....but head on over and enter too!

Don't you just love FREE stuff!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Take a moment and hug someone you love! After all, it's not a day just for those *in dating/marriage relationships* - it's about everyone and anyone that has someone to love. It's about *RELATIONSHIPS* and *LOVE* share some and enjoy your day! (and yes, YOU count too!!!)

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