Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar - Review

It's a movie I've been told is a *must-see* and more specifically - an *in theater* must see. So when a friend invited Brent and I to join her and her husband Saturday afternoon I was in. We got ourselves a sitter and off we went.

My husband had heard that the storyline itself wasn't fabulous but that the animation and effects were really impressive. It's true - they are spectacular...and it may not have been this way for everyone, but this movie had me from the very beginning....and only sucked me in further as it went along. I absolutely loved the storyline - I loved the characters and their development and I loved how it all came together. I, of course, also loved how the ending was left with room for a sequel :)

While the storyline itself may not be unique, the way it's put together is truly beautiful. I was completely taken with the message and the feeling of it all. I loved the internal conflict of the characters and the determination of well, all of them. Some for good and some obviously not. I found myself completely taken with Jake Sully's (Sam Worthington) journey to become one of the Na'vi warriors, finding myself GRINNING at his triumphs and nearly holding my breath in anticipation as he faced each test.  And although completely predictable, I found the love story between him and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) a perfect was sweet, though not without trials of its own. The action was intense and enjoyable - not because people and creatures were dying, but because I love a good action movie. This one did not disappoint, though there was definitely more to it than just action. The feeling - we knew these characters, loved them, believed in their reality, felt their sorrow. And let's talk about the tree....THE tree - it was as though time stood still for everyone - you could see it....and the tears were right there. The shock. In that moment (among others) we felt like an avatar - we understood their connection and the devastation. The tree falling meant something...I was so taken by the Na'vi community - I found myself almost wishing there was such a thing. Or maybe I just wish we all had the same connection to what we've been given - by God or whatever you choose to believe. That we truly appreciate and revere all that's here...that we could be connected in a way that truly made us better, more in tune...more humane in many ways. I love movies, but this one truly made its mark. In fact, my husband was also really impressed and is actually itching to go see it again before it's out of theaters. I think the more he considers it the more he realizes just how great it is.

The animation - the creativity....each detail brilliantly planned and executed. I loved the creatures - despite being *scary* and certainly not something I would want to run into *eeks*...but they looked normal - they made sense in the Na'vi world. It all made sense.

My only critique - seriously the ONLY one, is the 3-D. I didn't feel like it was utilized as well as it could have been. Though the glasses are definitely better quality than the cardboard ones I remember as a kid, there weren't a lot of effects (in my opinion) that were really *3-D necessary*. That being said, it was still a fun bonus and certainly didn't have a negative impact on the experience.

In addition, though the movie was 3 hours long and I even had to break a personal rule and run out near the end (during a non-action scene of course) and use the *ladies chambers* - the movie could not have been any shorter. Everything was necessary....and for me, did not seem too long at all, though I don't recommend drinking much during the first half....there are few opportunities for such a break.

All in all, for me, this is a BEAUTIFUL movie.Definitely one to see - IN THE THEATER - and one we'll be buying for our collection without a doubt.

SO GO SEE IT!!! If you have seen it, let me know what YOU think...I'd love to hear.


Mrs. Alston said...

I agree with you completely on it all...except the 3D part. I think you should see it again in 3D, there were a ton of 3D opportunities! The flies, the much!

I LOVED the movie. it was fabulous... when it was over I sat there, really wanting more...and that NEVER happens to me in a THREE hour movie!

Like Booker says, you leave just wishing you could live in the mind of James Cameron!

The Lowry's said...

I loved the movie as well. Definitely and must see!


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