Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be careful...


It's time to really put those BOOGIE WIPES to the test! My son decided it would be a good day to wake up with a runny nose *sigh*  so, off we go on the BOOGIE WIPE train :)

In case anyone is wondering, his favorite scent is Grape - he spent about 5 minutes smelling each one. LOL It's my favorite too....then the fresh, and then the menthol. But that's my personal preference!

Anyways...I'll be more careful what I wish for here in *bloggerland* - actually while I'm here, I really would like to win the $1 million in the Legion Million Dollar Lottery 2010. And since I believe in dreaming big, winning one of the homes or other main prizes in the STARS Lottery would really just be the icing on the cake. AND, because I promise to do lots of great things, a small cash prize (or the main one, I'm not picky lol) from the SPCA Lottery would kind of be like the cherry (fresh, not maraschino). So um, *bloggerland* here's to hoping you come through for me the way you did sending Jonah this lovely runny nose! (of which I wouldn't mind him recovering from soon)

Have a great day everyone!!!

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