Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cards for Kayla....the shorter, and just as sweet version

Just in case you don't have or want to make the time to read the long version of this post HERE (below), I'll just post the main point so we can get as many cards to Kayla as possible!

In doing some blog hopping yesterday I made a stop at My Organized Chaos and came upon THIS post. And once again I have been touched.Tammi writes about a blog she came across a couple of years ago where a woman named Sandra wrote  about her husband, Jimmy being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. And if that wasn't enough, just 2 days later and 4 days before Christmas 2008, her daughter, Kayla was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I know - are there any words?
So here's the scoop.  Kayla is not doing well these days - she is neutropenic {no immune system}and has bacteria in her blood - and Jimmy has a tumor the size of a soft ball inside his chest. Yep, that's right....

So Tammi along with some other bloggers got together and decided to do something. I have invited myself along for the ride :) While not having experienced this with a child of my own, this cause is very real to me. It's at my core....I feel's a part of me - and however small, I want to do something. anything. So I (along with these other bloggers) am asking for YOUR help.

{holding Mom's hair over her head,
Sandra says that she cannot wait to have hair again}

STRAIGHT UP - No money is being asked of you. In fact all that's being requested is that a card be sent to Kayla to help brighten her days. She loves getting mail (we were cut from the same mold her and I ) and specifically, cards. So please, if you wouldn't mind MAKING the time in the next week or two to send Kayla a card...a picture...a may send more if you wish, but know that one simple card will bring a smile to Kayla's face brighter than you could ever imagine. I bet you'll even feel it the moment you put it in the mailbox.

If your kids are going to draw her a picture and need some ideas, Kayla is 6 and loves: the movie Hocus Pocus, the colors pink and purple, Animal Planet, any animals {cats especially), and Disney Princesses

Send Cards for Kayla to:

Kayla Gronley
P.O. Box 5634
Blue Jay, Ca 92317

To Contact Sandra ~ sanderella192003{at}yahoo{dot}com

Sandra's blog can be found HERE if you are interested in following their story.

And may I just make one *small* mention at the end of this post.....should you decide to make time for this opportunity (and I hope you do) - keep in mind that Kayla also has a 4 year old brother, James (who is I'm sure as sweet as can be) well as her father, Jimmy (who as mentioned is also fighting his own battle with Cancer) and her mother, Sandra (who is fighting for the both of them). So should you feel so inclined, I'm sure a card would put a smile on their faces too. Just throwing that out there :)

Thank you so much for indulging this means everything to me....everything.

WE LOVE YOU KAYLA!!! And we are sending {{Healing Vibes}} your way!

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