Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sending thoughts to...

In reading Tenille's post at Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous I have learned about a well known blogger's recent passing. I cannot claim to have known Karissa (of Prissy Green), and if I'm being honest I didn't even know of her blog (a fact I am kind of embarrassed to admit), but it would appear she was a light in the blogging world. Someone who was kind and generous, funny and friendly - and who absolutely LOVED her job and the blogging world. It's times like this where I sit back and think *I missed knowing a great one* and resolve to do more people...and give more. I am devastated for her family and friends and am sending my warmest thoughts and sympathies to them at this time. Whether you knew her for a day or a year - or's clear this loss is felt. And I am so sorry that this experience has now become a part of your reality.

I'm also wanting to send some - okay LOADS - of prayers to Haiti. It blows me away to watch the news as the devastation is truly alarming. A good friend of ours is from Haiti and is anxiously, but not so patiently, waiting for news of her ENTIRE family's safety (both parents and several siblings as well as numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins). As of yet, she has heard nothing and as you can imagine, is finding this wait to be gruelling and almost unbearable. Not knowing, in this instance can be so much worse than knowing. She is due to have her third baby in two weeks time and was anxiously awaiting her mother's arrival to come and help out for the next 6 months. Having never been able to make the trip to see her other two granddaughters, this trip was to be special for many reasons (she was supposed to fly out this morning to the US, and coming here a few weeks after). So please if you wouldn't mind, take a moment or two to send some warm thoughts that her family is okay. And of course that she hears soon - I can't  even imagine. I believe in miracles....I really do....and while the devastation is intense and unbelievable, I still believe in HOPE.

Thanks everyone - hug your families tight :)

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Tenille said...

That was a great post. Karissa was an awesome gal, she really was.

Thinking of your friend and her family in Haiti. I can't imagine!


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