Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Z.Daisy - With Giveaway!

This is a story that you have heard before…but is always fun to read about. Two moms, two friends, two people that love to be creative and want to go a little beyond the kids craft time with their creativity…and help with the family income if possible! Z. Daisy was created in hopes of making life a little easier for moms and dads out there. Their best selling Binkie Bungee was created because they could not find a cute pacifier clip on the market that was soft and had a secure clip. Wanting to help keep those pacifiers and blankies off the dirty floor, "bungees" were born. As their children grow they expand their line for fun things that they love...hence the girl's accessories.I'm pretty sure your little girls will love them too! I know I fell in love the first time I browsed their site.

Having been in business since 2006 (and I tend to think even earlier than that), they were certainly among the first to offer such products. Perhaps no longer unique in terms of function they are certainly unique when it comes to design, style, and quality. I LOVE the fabrics they use and the overall look of each of their products. On first glance/browse online I knew this was a company I wanted to promote. Everything looks well made and is so adorable, I was certain my daughter would LOVE it. I was also really happy to see their section of *eco friendly* products. Going Green is something that is getting more and more press lately and there are more and more people trying to make even those little changes to help make a difference. I was really impressed to see them making the effort to accomodate that, without having to compromise on style and function. We really can have it all!

When Brooke offered me an item of my choice for review I had NO idea what to choose. Truly I wanted one of everything but also wanted to choose something my daughter could use now (instead of having to wait until we have another child at some point in the future). This left me at either a belt (ADORABLE), headband (aren't they great!) or a kerchief (SOOO CUTE) - I couldn't choose, so I left it to Brooke to decide. I know, how nice of me!

In the mail arrived the softest, most adorable (and kiddie chic) Monica Pink Kerchief - my daughter loves getting things in the mail (just like her mama) and was so happy with this. she loves rubbing it on her cheek - it's soooo soft! And, if I do say so myself, she looks adorable in it. Brooke - I want one for me too!! :D It fits nicely, it stays well...and it's completely washable! I LOVE that!

ONE Lucky Winner is going to win a kerchief of their choice as well! What a great gift for your child or for someone you know.

To enter, comment below and let me know which kerchief is your favorite. You must do this in order for additional entries to count.

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This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US 
and will close Wednesday March 10 , 2010.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We have a winner!!!

YAY for Booda Bellie for sponsoring this giveaway!! I can't wait for the winner to receive her item and find out how soft the clothing really is!

For this awesome giveaway the prize goes to lucky commenter #21:

Blogger Alysha said...
I'm a follower ;)
February 18, 2010 10:11 AM
*Winner has been notified and has 48 hours to respond*

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Purple Pig Shirts - Review

Being back at the gym recently I've really started getting more interested in having *nice* workout know, ones I feel good in. It may sound silly, but it really does make a difference. My friend recently pointed out that one of my pairs of yoga pants make my legs look really skinny - you can bet I'll be wearing those EVERY time we go. LOL

The thing is, it's not really the pants/capris I have an issue's finding a nice top that is comfortable and breathable. I immediately fell in love with the clothing from Purple Pig and was so excited when they offered me a shirt of my choice to review. I chose the Peace, Love, Clarity shirt - though the decision was not easy. I love how soft it is - it's that perfect *thickness* for a workout tee - I know I won't be overheating during cardio and it's super cute that I can feel great in it at the gym. In addition - and thankfully - it's also clear that it's great quality and isn't going to fall apart at the first sign of sweat (okay that doesn't really happen anyways, but you get the point).

Their yoga shirts are created based on their desire to share their commitment to health and wellness in a fun way. These shirts are not only for practicing Yoga, Pilates and Meditation but any wellness activity. Because they are so soft and the designs are so fun...they encourage everyone to wear these soft t-shirts anytime, anywhere.

Browsing this site again I see they have added some new items since I last looked. I am of course in the market for more workout clothing and this site is definitely on my list to shop at. Considering I got asked yesterday if I'm pregnant again - oh for the third time in about 3 months *gasp*  I should probably hit the gym harder than I have been. (in case you are I am not pregnant...and no I am not trying....and no we are not done. lol)

Oh and you can also become a fan on Facebook and a follower on Twitter! But of course, don't forget to check out their fabulous site - I bet they have something just for you! And if you hurry, you might be able to catch their sale - a couple of items have been lowered by 30%!!!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Need a new Wireless Mouse??

Sandra at Adventures in MommyLand (and the mother of Kayla from THIS post) is giving away FIVE Wireless Mouse 3000 from microsoft!

Our poor little wireless mouse is is desperate need of replacement. After having been dropped way too many times, the wireless *stick* doesn't always stay in the mouse to recharge *annoying*....and doesn't always work either, though thankfully that isn't too common. So I am of course hoping I win one of them....but head on over and enter too!

Don't you just love FREE stuff!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Take a moment and hug someone you love! After all, it's not a day just for those *in dating/marriage relationships* - it's about everyone and anyone that has someone to love. It's about *RELATIONSHIPS* and *LOVE* share some and enjoy your day! (and yes, YOU count too!!!)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winner of the SlimPerfect Gift Certificate

Oh no, I did not forget!! This Gift Certificate is well sought after - I just wanted to prolong the suspense. And no, none of your bribes or threatening e-mails will alter the results....They are what they are....random, thanks to!

And the lucky winner of this fabulous $50 gift certificate IS (just do a drumroll in your head):

Comment #18

Blogger Skye said...
I'm an email subscriber!
December 2, 2009 6:50 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Winner has been notified and has 48 hours to respond! Can't wait to hear what you get with your certificate!

Peek-A-Boob Strips - With Giveaway

Oh you know the feeling....putting on a button up shirt only to notice a nice gap (or two) revealing your bra, or the shirt with arm holes a little too big/low...or the wrap skirt that just won't stay well, wrapped. So while you may like - or in some cases LOVE - that particular item of clothing, it often gets neglected for other *better fitting* pieces. That's why this product has me so excited - enter PEEK-A-BOOB STRIPS! 

Started on May 5th, 2008 after being sick and tired of purchasing new shirts and having the *Blouse Gap*. A few phone calls (well perhaps several) and five days later, *Peek-A-Boob* was created and making our lives easier. Completely safe for clothing and unnoticeable this fabulous little strip can solve all your *gap causing* problems. Those skirts and shirts can take their place at the front of your closet again - it may even feel like a new wardrobe it's been so long.

One of my favorite things about these is the hot pink tin they come in! I love it...Easily stashed in your purse *just in case* - actually I can't lie, I totally picture ambushing women in restaurants and stores, etc. I can just see pulling someone aside and addressing the *gap*, taking out a *Peek-A-Boob Strip* and Voila -  a problem no more. Can't you see it? Kind of *What not to wear* style. LOL

Because Darling...
when you walk into a room, you should be noticed for all the right reasons!

Plain and simple, this product makes me smile. It's so easy, so genius, so chic, and the best part is that it's so affordable. 30 Strips for just $8.89 - and for repeat customers you can buy 60 strips for just 10 cents more (no tin with the refill).

Think about it - this could even be the end of those frustrating strapless gowns (wedding or otherwise) - no more adjusting or fidgeting - just look fabulous and enjoy your evening.

Not only was I sent a tin of strips to review, but Peek-a-Boob Strips is also offering one to a lucky winner.

To enter, comment below and let me know which item in your closet this would be perfect for. You must do this in order for additional entries to count.

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This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US 
and will close Saturday February 27, 2010.

ah yes, another extension

Yes you read correctly...I am extending yet another giveaway....I am actually considering making more for 10-14 days anyways as opposed to the 7 they are perhaps we'll try this and see how it goes.

So I am extending the Booda Bellies giveaway until February 22nd! Pass it along to your friends and family....this is a fabulous product and would make a great gift.

Have a great weekend everyone...enjoy the olympics!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Be Sensitive

I was at the post office late this afternoon mailing some orders off when something caught my attention. Yes I admit it - I was eavesdropping (oh don't act like I'm the only one. lol). A guy about my age (pick a number, any number) was asking about renewing an address forward that had expired. The mail was being forwarded from his father's place to his...the problem being that his father passed away in October, so he was not able to sign the documents. I can't always explain it, but that feeling hits me every once in a while where I'm immediately taken into the moment, humbled, and extremely sad. My heart ached for this complete stranger....having just lost my father in law (coming up a year next month) I was devastated for him that he experienced the very same tragedy I watched my husband and his family experience. I couldn't stop thinking about it the entire time I finished up with the clerk. All I could do was quietly say to him, *Not to eavesdrop, but I'm sorry about your dad.* He thanked me and I was on my way.

I held it in (the time isn't always right to let it out), but I could have cried - no sobbed - the whole way home. My heart hurt for him. And all over again for my husband and his family (truly that hurt is constant).

Often when I'm driving and someone is zooming past or cutting off, etc...I try to make a special effort to be understanding, sympathetic...even sensitive to the circumstances that MAY be impacting their actions (ie. racing to the hospital for a wife or friend in labour, dying friend or family member, etc.) Does it make it right...not I get it always an accurate assumption - no, perhaps even rarely...but sometimes I think  we can and should be a little more forgiving. Is that person in line at the store or even perhaps the clerk stressed out about something in their life and unsure or unable to properly direct that stress? Again, it doesn't make it okay....but sometimes shouldn't we just extend ourselves and show a little *understanding*?

Well, I think so. People are hurting everywhere...Not only do I think we ought to go out of our way to find more ways to help, but also to be more sensitive. We all have times in our life when we need a little ourselves.

In case you were wondering - the guy at the post office was more than polite. Despite being a sensitive subject I'm sure, he was composed and kind....though I would hope that those helping him would have shown him a little forgiveness and sensitivity should things not have worked out (they did).

So as you go through your week, just take a minute to consider the realities of all of those you come in contact with.  Take an extra minute or two - show a little more patience, forgiveness, kindness....and of course,

be sensitive

Monday, February 8, 2010


Bret from Kid Basix has generously offered our readers 25% off any online orders placed in the month of February!!!

Just use coupon code CLM0210 at checkout to receive this fabulous discount! You can read my review of their products HERE or simply scroll down (it's the post right before this one)

Looks like I'll be doing some online ordering myself :D

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

KID BASIX - Review

My kitchen cupboard is filled with sippy cups - all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours....trying to find *the perfect* one. Some leak too easily, others are too difficult to drink from - and of course when our kids chew the spout to smithereens (don't you just hate that!), there's no hope of getting any liquid out *sigh*. It's quite a process actually, to find one that really does the trick.

I've been eyeing the Safe Sippy products for a while now at a local store and always wondered if in fact it was worth it. They aren't overpriced by any means, but it does feel like a bit of a splurge when you're used to spending just $5 on one. I was ecstatic when the opportunity to review a product from Kid Basix came up. I chose The Safe Sporter™ in Fuchsia (though I also REALLY like the Sea Green colour in the 16oz size) for my daughter to take to Kindergarten. It's a HUGE hit and Brooklyn loves taking it to school. I love it too because I don't have to worry about it leaking all over - *bonus* and, while I put hers in a pouch on the side of her backpack,  it is the perfect size for a lunch kit too.

In a world awash in plastic bottles, The Safe Sporter™ is a leap forward with a well thought out sustainable and untilitarian design. It is their small contribution to a healthier, greener world. The Safe Sporter™ bottle features:
  • 12 ounces, perfect for kids’ lunchboxes
  • Single-walled design to make it light weight, maximize capacity and lower carbon footprint
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Wide-mouth for easy cleaning and ice cube use
  • Hinged mud cap, to keep the spout clean
  • Easy pull sports spout
  • TPR sleeve to protect hands from cold liquids
  • Plastic coaster to protect the bottle from dents
  • Dishwasher safe
I love it - for all of these reasons and more. I am definitely going to be purchasing one for her little brother, though I may opt for one of The Safe Sippy™ designs instead. I've been wanting to clear out our kitchen cupboard anyways and just keep a few  - these definitely fit the bill.

Bret from Kid Basix told me recently that he (and the whole Kid Basix *family*) thinks that the Safe Sporter is the *best sippy on the market*.....I can see why! And it's clear that each of their products is well thought out, with each detail perfected, providing you with a beautiful and high quality sippy. It is worth EVERY penny - I am THRILLED with our Safe Sporter™ and love that it's more like a water bottle as opposed to a sippy. If your little one isn't big enough for a sippy yet and still prefers a bottle, don't fret....The Safe Starter™ is the perfect choice! It's adorable (yes, that matters! lol) and has even been called *The worlds' coolest baby bottle*!!!

If you are looking to purchase one yourself, check out their list of retailers HERE  or place an order online HERE - Free Shipping on orders over $50!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

BOODA BELLIE - With Giveaway

Consider this: Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other single crop. Pesticides used on cotton even when used according to instructions, harm people, wildlife and the environment. These pesticides can poison farm workers, drift into neighboring communities, contaminate ground and surface water and kill beneficial insects and soil micro-organisms.

I have heard a lot and read numerous reviews recently about clothing made from organic cotton. As a result I was DYING to check it out for myself, so when the opportunity to review an item from Booda Bellie came along, there was absolutely no hesitation. I couldn't wait to see if what I had read was even sort of true. 

I was sent the pink yoga pants from the Comfy Collection for my daughter (5) to try out. Joyce, who is incredibly generous, also sent her a matching Raglan shirt to match (pink and white), and not wanting to leave my son (2) out of the excitement, an adorable Raglan shirt (this one with the logo) in black and white (spoiled rotten!). The first thing I noticed was how SOFT the clothing is - I didn't really believe it until I felt it myself, but there is a definite difference between *regular* cotton and *organic* - I showed my sister in law at Christmas (they had just arrived) and she couldn't believe it either. My kids love wearing them - they are perfect *Saturday Clothes* when you just want to be comfy - but also perfect to head out to the store in.

Booda Bellie’s garments are knit, finished, dyed and sewn in Canada. Not only is the process used for dying environmentally friendly, meaning no waste or pollutants are used, they also use an eco-friendly, low viscosity ink formulated to create super soft finishes that simulate water-based inks. It’s non-toxic, lead-free and latex-free. AND, there is no bleach used in their products. They really make every effort to provide clothing that we as parents can feel good about buying. 

And the monkey - seriously, who can resist that adorable monkey?! 

So let's pass along some of this organic goodness to one lucky winner, shall we?! Winner will have the choice between one of the following tee's from the Comfy Collection - Booda Bellie, Lizard, Unicorn, or Spider.

To enter, comment below and let me know which tee you would choose. You must do this in order for additional entries to count.

For ADDITIONAL entries:
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*Order from Booda Bellie and let me know! - 5 extra entries

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US 
and will close Saturday February 13, 2010.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well we have hit 100 entries....actually more which is I will set the actual close date for this giveaway for Monday the 8th (February) at 9pm MST!

Keep passing the word...This is a fabulous product!

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