Thursday, February 18, 2010

Need a new Wireless Mouse??

Sandra at Adventures in MommyLand (and the mother of Kayla from THIS post) is giving away FIVE Wireless Mouse 3000 from microsoft!

Our poor little wireless mouse is is desperate need of replacement. After having been dropped way too many times, the wireless *stick* doesn't always stay in the mouse to recharge *annoying*....and doesn't always work either, though thankfully that isn't too common. So I am of course hoping I win one of them....but head on over and enter too!

Don't you just love FREE stuff!!!


Mrs. Alston said...

count me in!!!

Mrs. Alston said...

and I follow your blog!

Mrs. Alston said...

oppps, i jsut realized this isnt YOUR give away! My bad, i just get too excited with free stuff and start commenting all over the place! hahaha!

Hailey said...

haha....thanks for the smile :)

CMBA said...

hey, love the post.Count me in.


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