Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gift Bags...

It always amazes me when I see the price of gift bags in stores...moreso when usually just a few blocks a way there's a dollar store where you could get 10+ for the same price. It blows me away....So naturally I was completely THRILLED when I happened upon this find at Zellers....13 - yes THIRTEEN gift bags for $2.84 or something like that. that's even better than the dollar store....and the bags - sooo cute!!! Definitely girlie, but definitely worth having a stock of. These are considered *medium* size - 8"x4.25"x10" - and are perfect for loads of things...

I am SO excited about them!!! I may have to go back and get more...I'll try and post a photo sometime tonight so you can see them!

Stay tuned...a review and giveaway for Word Decor-N-More is on its way :D

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