Wednesday, March 17, 2010


With THESE...

I love shoes....though I haven't always been able to add to my collection like I want to. It's always fun to find something different, unique....something that not everybody else has. And really, shoes can be the best way to dress up an outfit - add some pizazz and personality. I seriously JUST happened upon this Etsy shop about 10 minutes ago and had to come right on here and blog about it. I had to smile when I saw their initial statement in the description of the Obsession Shoes:

Shoes. Perfume. Purses. Dresses. We don't have obsessions with buying the things that we like. It's really a form of passion; not obsession.

Cocopunkz is a collaboration of two artists (based in Vancouver, Canada - yay Canada) who love shoes, art and style that stands out. Each pair of shoes is lovingly hand painted, and with the high standard they place on themselves shoes are not listed unless both are satisfied with the results. Never duplicating a style, you can be sure yours will be unique! See a style in their shop that isn't in your size - don't fret....they'll lovingly create a similar custom design that's perfect for you.

While the prices may be higher than you're used to, rest assured there is no compromising quality like you're used to. There's something to be said about a one of kind piece - perfect for work, special events, and especially some of those one of kind events. One customer even wrote saying Cocopunkz made her a custom pair for her wedding. How awesome is that! These have easily taken a place on my *to save up for* list - I love them....and with a 10th anniversary party just 2 1/2 years away it would be pretty awesome to celebrate in my very own custom pair of Cocopunkz shoes.

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Mrs. Alston said...

gosh, is it almost ten years already. feels lik eyesterday i was at your wedding. gosh.


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