Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scentsy - I'M HAVING A PARTY!!!

I first ordered my Scentsy items on a whim over 2 years ago. A friend of mine who was living in the States at the time, was having an online party and as a result of her personal enamour with the product I had to try it out. I have always loved candles and yummy smells, so I knew this was the product for me.

Initially inspired by an Oprah show on Millionaire Moms combined with her sister in law's story of her neighbour breaking candles and melting the pieces in an old potpourri warmer, Kara Egan experienced her *aha moment* (as Oprah would say). Joining forces with her sister in law (Colette Gunnell), they set out to perfect the idea of melting candle chunks in a safe and stylish warmer. And perfect they did - Since 2004 Scentsy has only gotten bigger...and bigger...okay and bigger :) If you don't have one or haven't seen one, you are in for a real treat. If you do have one, I'm sure you too can see why this business has taken off so well. I'm sure we all wish we would have thought of it too ;)

Completely safe (the wax doesn't even get hot!!), stylish, and the scents are absolutely delicious (something for everyone I assure you) - I am absolutely IN LOVE with this product. And now, even moreso since coming to Canada *YAY*  They are perfect as gifts (think birthdays, mother's day, teachers, hostess, etc.) and their Multi-Packs make them affordable for pretty much everyone! (Although in truth they are reasonably priced to begin with, but doesn't everybody love a bit of savings!). Don't forget to check out their selection of Travel Tins, Hanging Fresheners, and Room Sprays too (see, there really is something for everybody!).

So let's get to the party business! My friend, Amelia has signed up as a Consultant - so naturally I've signed up to host a party! Not only do I love the product, but I'm more than happy to help support her in this venture.

Party Details:
Where: My House (please e-mail for address)
When: Tuesday May 4th, 2010
Time: 630pm-900pm (though you are certainly welcome to stay longer!)

If you aren't from my area or can't make it, don't fret! Amelia has set up my party on her website so you can order online! How awesome is that! Go to her site HERE and you'll notice a list of her open parties in the left margin. Click on the *order from this party* button next to *Hailey's Fabulous Party* and start shopping! IF you are from the USA you can still order and your products will be sent to you!!! 

It doesn't stop here! Amelia has also agreed to sponsor a giveaway the first week of May. More details to come on this fabulous giveaway. Thanks Amelia! Any order on my party will receive 5 entries for the giveaway (all you'll have to do is comment on the giveaway post saying you ordered!) So keep your eyes out - it's a fabulous giveaway you won't want to miss! 

Check out all of the scents HERE, but to help you out a bit some of my favorite scents are: Camu Camu, Home Sweet Home, Guava Nectar (a fave of Amelia's too), Beach, Cinnamon Bear, Sticky Cinnamon Bun,  Cranberry Mango, Coconut Lemongrass, oh and sooo many more! (It's sooo difficult to choose).

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well the time has come to choose a winner for the fabulous (and generous) $50 gift certificate from Word Decor-n-More.....lucky #15:

Brittany Bastian said...I love so many of them! I htink I would choose maybe the "always kiss me goodnight" for my bedroom, or the "angels danced the day you were born" for my baby girl's room!

Enjoy spending your certificate - hope you'll send 
photos of what you get!

**Brittany - you didn't leave an e-mail address...please e-mail me ( and we can arrange your prize :)**

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Epicure - Review

I don't like tomatoes. at all. The strange thing about it is I like everything made from tomatoes, except fresh salsa...I don't know...too fresh? lol I remember working at a greenhouse years ago (oh my word I can actually say that and it's true...*eek*) and although my favorite to water was the herb and veggies *house* I absolutely detested the smell of the tomato plants. Even now, I can't spend a whole lot of time in that aisle of the produce section. In fact, while there today my daughter even noticed it saying, "ugh, what is that smell?" haha...I wish I liked tomatoes - they seem to finish off so many dishes nicely and really so many great dishes are made with tomatoes. They are healthy...I just don't like them. And yes, even if I don't know they are in something I will taste them. blech...

until I found this! Epicure Fruit Salsa - fresh tomatoes mixed with crushed pineapple and this fabulous seasoning mix...and voila! it's delish! I LOVE it...seriously love it. It's fresh and delicious and so good with tortilla chips - with or without cheese.

This weekend my sister in law had bruschetta at a family function. Naturally I don't like bruschetta, but boy did it smell good. And the yummy little garlic baquette slices. Oh how I wish I liked tomatoes. I had a bright idea today while grocery shopping and bought the tomatoes and the baguette and made this delicious fruit salsa on toasted garlic baguette slices for supper. I LOVED IT! I do think next time I'll add more of the bruschetta ingredients (green onion, peppers, etc.) but for now this was perfect. And it was enough to fill me up (I may or may not have had double what I planned to. lol) and get me through my step class and the rest of the night (no after workout munching for me).

So here's my shout out for Epicure Fruit Salsa! Try's DELICIOUS!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear CaramelJubilee

Where can I find you?! I never had the chance to see if your caramels tasted as good as they look..

Tell me people - don't these pumpkin Pie Caramels look DIVINE?! Also made in several awesome flavors such as Black Licorice, Pomegranate, Vanilla, and Chocolate just to name a few.

So I'm just throwing this out to the *world wide web* and if anyone knows where I can find these awesome caramels, do pass along the info.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Andreadespot - Review

Well really, I just love this photo. And I want it in my house somewhere....once I get the kitchen redone and everything put together - I can't pinpoint one specific thing...I just love it all, everything about it....the colours, the oranges, the dish... And I can't lie - I also like that it's called *fancy oranges* - doesn't every girl want to be fancy?

Check out more of her photos  in her Etsy shop HERE or on one of her many websites/blogs:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mellonmonkeys - Review

Every once in a while I take some time and go through my favorite stores on etsy. It's either a store I've purchased from or one I saw an item from that caught my eye. I've taken a few moments to do just that and am I ever glad. I'm excited about this shop all over again! Based out of Rexbourg, Idaho, these two stay at home moms have really come up with some adorable items.

This is the dress that first caught my eye. Seriously, this photo just makes me smile. I went for a little browse through the Mellonmonkeys shop and came across some other fabulous items and ideas. I've loved pillowcase dresses for a while but haven't gotten my act together to either buy or make one. I have a feeling this may change in the very near future. I love them - and how adorable is this one in the spring *jelly bean* fabric!

Don't worry though - it's not just for girls. Mellonmonkeys also offers items for boys - YAY!!!. When Jonah was little I had him in onesies with a tie applique on them. They were sooo cute, but now that's he's 2 1/2 (and has been out of onesies for a looooong time) I think a *real* tie is in order. Well imagine my excitement when I saw these awesome ties - and the options! I'm so excited! Oh wait, it gets even better! Not only do they do adorable ties BUT even more adorable tie and dress sets...perfect for my kids. How fun is this going to be to have coordinating outfits. I can't wait for family photos - I'm so going to order a set....but the question is, will I be able to stop at just one. LOL Am I the only one picturing family reunion photos?

One of the other things that I love is the affordable pricing AND shipping, even to Canada. I absolutely detest spending a fortune on shipping  and Mellonmonkeys makes sure that doesn't happen.

If you are interested in making a pillowcase dress yourself, check out their DIY (do it yourself) kits HERE and their fabric etsy shop HERE. They certainly make it easy! While I love making things myself, I also know my *to do list* is long and at the risk of adding yet another project to it, I'm planning on simply ordering in the near future. I will definitely update you all on my experience! In the meantime, feel free to check it out. Not only is their feedback 100%, but the comments left will give you nothing but confidence in ordering from Mellonmonkeys!

Don't forget to check out their BLOG and you can also follow them on FACEBOOK!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

CoverGirl Lash Blast Length - Review

I remember my cousin telling me about her new favorite mascara - CoverGirl Lash Blast - in the orange tube. Mascara has long been my favorite *essential* makeup products, and yes it's likely because I'm pretty vain about my eyelashes. I love them, what can I say. And I LOVED Lash Blast as soon as I tried it. It's pretty much been my exclusive mascara since then and it's nice having one that I love that doesn't break the bank. I generally just buy the on sale mascara (I know I know), but now I don't have to.

I've been wanting to try the new LashBlast Length since I saw the ad for it. I can't lie - their marketing decision to use bright yellow definitely helps. Nice choice I say - it's catchy, a little edgy, and screams fun. Yellow just makes me happy.

I finally made the purchase and couldn't wait to try it out. Immediately I loved the long skinny brush. Not that I've ever thought a mascara brush was heavy, but this one feels so light and easy to use. And I LOVE what it does to my lashes. I love how the mascara goes on - it's not too thick or clumpy, and I haven't had any problems with it smudging at all.

I don't know that I have a preference between the two, but you can be sure that my makeup bag will contain one or the other at any given time - for a very long time. Yes, I love it THAT much. Yay CoveGirl :D

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dress-A-Mee Dolls

I used to love paper dolls as a kid. I loved punching out all of the clothing options and would play for hours dressing and redressing them. Though I remember them fondly, I also remember being so frustrated at how easily they tore or got wrecked. They certainly weren't *built to last*, but they sure were fun. I'm pretty certain I have found the next best thing. When I saw that a friend of mine had joined this group on facebook - Dress-A-Mee Dolls - I had to check it out. I loved the idea immediately and was so excited at the prospect of providing my daughter (and son too, truth be told he loves barbies and such as much as she with a little taste of my childhood.

I was so excited when Ginger agreed to send an item for review. In my opinion, she went above and beyond, sending me a fun little sampler package with 2 dolls and a bunch of clothing options. This is sooo handy so my kids don't fight over them. I love that they are heat seal-laminated and so durable, so they are free from risk of being ruined...and the items are so adorable, I can see the storylines now :) There is no shortage of options - halloween costumes, church clothes, pop star costumes, beach wear, pyjamas, etc. Each item attaches with masking tape (or any other kind of tape you prefer), though I'm personally inclined to add magnets to the back of all of our pieces. I think it will just make them that much easier.

I am really thrilled with these and think they are not only adorable, but well made. Sometimes I think we are so bombarded by all the *new things* that we forget all the fun and simple things we grew up with. It's nice to go back to the basics every once in a while...and these will help you do just that. Perfect for a car ride, at the doctor's office, church, a funeral, or wedding, etc. And so easy to tote around - I'm so used to having barbie legs sticking out of my purse, this will be a nice change. (ooo Ginger, can you make a mermaid costume?? like maybe a disney princess dress set?? my son would love you forever!!). I also love that these dolls are designed to look like *healthy* boys and girls - without being made out to look like mini models. Yes you read right - boys too....there are sets for both. Awesome!

Ginger is again going above and beyond and offering prizes for THREE winners! The first winner will receive a Starter pack which includes two dolls, two sets of clothes and one set of accessories. And TWO teaser packs containing one doll and one set of clothes for the other two winners.

To enter, comment below telling me which set is your favorite (Check out the photos HERE). You must do this in order for additional entries to count.

For ADDITIONAL entries:
 Please make each a separate comment 
*Let me know another set you'd love to try - 1 entry
*Subscribe to our newsletter (button on sidebar) - 1 entry
*Become a follower of this blog - 1 entry
*Follow Dress-A-Mee Dolls on Facebook - 1 entry
*Follow us on twitter (button on sidebar) and tweet this giveaway - 1 entry
*Blog about this giveaway and send me the link - 1 entry
*Order from Dress-a-Mee Dolls and let me know! - 5 entries
*Tell a friend about this giveaway (THEY need to leave a comment with YOUR name) - 5 entries EACH
This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US 
and will close Monday May 3, 2010.

Z.Daisy Winner

This makes me laugh. It really is worthwhile to enter the really is. Whether there are 100 entries or in this case 5 (2 separate people), it can really pay off.

In fact, I think this win marks the 3rd or 4th for this person. Congrats go to comment #2: said...okay, so for whatever reason my first comment didn't post so hopefully this doesn't duplicate. Like you, I think the kerchief in monica pink is my fav!
February 27, 2010 12:28 AM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Definitely exciting and since I have your address already, I'll pass along your information so your kerchief can be mailed. 
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Orglamix - Review

I find makeup shopping kind of overwhelming. There seems to be so much to choose from and though I do like trying new products, I don't like the idea of spending money on something that might not work the way I want it to.  So I rarely add to my collection, though I often stand in the makeup aisle staring longingly - and a little confused. LOL I have wanted to try mineral makeup for a while, so when I was in need of replenishing some of my items, I decided to check it out.

I immediately went to the trusty Etsy site to see what was there. I had so much fun looking around. One of the first sellers I was impressed with was Orglamix. I loved the variety and the photos were perfect to give an idea of what you were really looking at. Okay I can't lie, I love a little bling too so the *sparkly* effect had me from the start.

I wasn't sure at first what to get so I was really happy when I noticed the Essential/Starter Kit section. I decided on the Hazel Collection, Grape Hyacinth and Chocolate Chip Cookie Eye Shadows, the Pink Pepper blush, and a makeup brush.

What can I say - I'm THRILLED. Seriously THRILLED. I love the way it looks and the way it shimmers. It just makes me smile :) It all goes on nicely and stays on - and of course is super easy to take off. In addition, all Orglamix products are formulated without:
Nano Particles, Bismuth Oxychloride, Synthetic Dyes, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Parabens. Orglamix is also a proud member of PETA. All of their products come with money back guarantee, so there really is nothing to lose.

Orglamix has quickly become one of my new favorite Etsy stores and definitely gets the Cute Like Me Seal of Approval. So hop on over and check out their products. I'm certain you'll love them too!

My to do list..

I was curious about my own progress with the list I posed last week....I've crossed off the ones I've managed to accomplish or at least begin to's kind of exciting to go back and see what I've gotten done.

1. Wake up early to exercise every morning, either at home or the gym (well I had good intentions)
2. I have 2 review and giveaway posts to write, and a few other just review posts coming
3. I have inventory to update on my website
4. I need to update my journal (it's been a year....thank goodness I keep track of everything on the calendar so updating is really easy)
5. I need to update my personal blog documenting  my journal since Brent and I were dating - oh I'm only 7 years behind *gah*. I'd really like to get this up to date this year - it's definitely not a this week thing. LOL
6. Keep the kitchen and house clean of course (I've done a decent job of this...most of the time)
7. Laundry (always)
8. Finish organizing Craft room - it's almost there....and is looking so awesome!
9. I have gym classes pretty much every night to go to that I LOVE! (I've actually missed a few BUT have been doing my workout dvd's at home instead...yay!!)
10. Outside play time with the kids because the weather has been great!
11. Mail out a couple of orders as well as the package for Kayla
12. and many other little things I'm sure (I am waiting on a bunch of review/giveaway items to post about as well)
13. Clean Front Room 
14. Complete 4 small sewing projects
15. Clean Brooklyn's room (she did it)

I did a pretty good job I'd say. I'm happy with it...The thing with lists is, you cross off one thing and put two more in its place. LOL So obviously it's never *done* but still seeing the progress is motivating :D

Hope you are having a great week!

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