Saturday, April 17, 2010

Epicure - Review

I don't like tomatoes. at all. The strange thing about it is I like everything made from tomatoes, except fresh salsa...I don't know...too fresh? lol I remember working at a greenhouse years ago (oh my word I can actually say that and it's true...*eek*) and although my favorite to water was the herb and veggies *house* I absolutely detested the smell of the tomato plants. Even now, I can't spend a whole lot of time in that aisle of the produce section. In fact, while there today my daughter even noticed it saying, "ugh, what is that smell?" haha...I wish I liked tomatoes - they seem to finish off so many dishes nicely and really so many great dishes are made with tomatoes. They are healthy...I just don't like them. And yes, even if I don't know they are in something I will taste them. blech...

until I found this! Epicure Fruit Salsa - fresh tomatoes mixed with crushed pineapple and this fabulous seasoning mix...and voila! it's delish! I LOVE it...seriously love it. It's fresh and delicious and so good with tortilla chips - with or without cheese.

This weekend my sister in law had bruschetta at a family function. Naturally I don't like bruschetta, but boy did it smell good. And the yummy little garlic baquette slices. Oh how I wish I liked tomatoes. I had a bright idea today while grocery shopping and bought the tomatoes and the baguette and made this delicious fruit salsa on toasted garlic baguette slices for supper. I LOVED IT! I do think next time I'll add more of the bruschetta ingredients (green onion, peppers, etc.) but for now this was perfect. And it was enough to fill me up (I may or may not have had double what I planned to. lol) and get me through my step class and the rest of the night (no after workout munching for me).

So here's my shout out for Epicure Fruit Salsa! Try's DELICIOUS!

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