Thursday, April 8, 2010

My to do list..

I was curious about my own progress with the list I posed last week....I've crossed off the ones I've managed to accomplish or at least begin to's kind of exciting to go back and see what I've gotten done.

1. Wake up early to exercise every morning, either at home or the gym (well I had good intentions)
2. I have 2 review and giveaway posts to write, and a few other just review posts coming
3. I have inventory to update on my website
4. I need to update my journal (it's been a year....thank goodness I keep track of everything on the calendar so updating is really easy)
5. I need to update my personal blog documenting  my journal since Brent and I were dating - oh I'm only 7 years behind *gah*. I'd really like to get this up to date this year - it's definitely not a this week thing. LOL
6. Keep the kitchen and house clean of course (I've done a decent job of this...most of the time)
7. Laundry (always)
8. Finish organizing Craft room - it's almost there....and is looking so awesome!
9. I have gym classes pretty much every night to go to that I LOVE! (I've actually missed a few BUT have been doing my workout dvd's at home instead...yay!!)
10. Outside play time with the kids because the weather has been great!
11. Mail out a couple of orders as well as the package for Kayla
12. and many other little things I'm sure (I am waiting on a bunch of review/giveaway items to post about as well)
13. Clean Front Room 
14. Complete 4 small sewing projects
15. Clean Brooklyn's room (she did it)

I did a pretty good job I'd say. I'm happy with it...The thing with lists is, you cross off one thing and put two more in its place. LOL So obviously it's never *done* but still seeing the progress is motivating :D

Hope you are having a great week!

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