Saturday, May 29, 2010

The wrong way to start a trip...

Just 4 days before we were supposed to leave, my 2 1/2 year old woke up sick :( Really not good timing but I had high hopes he would recover quickly or at the very least be manageable (at the risk of sharing too much info, let's just say he had to visit the potty often). Unfortunately his little body had different plans and around dinner time Wednesday night his stomach decided that nothing was worth keeping down. Aside from being lethargic he was also starting to look pretty yucky but nothing too worrisome. I headed out for my gym class, tanning, and then a tv show date with a friend of mine. Shortly after I returned home (11pm) he woke up crying having *lost his lunch* so to speak all over his bed. As I was rocking him, it happened again. We showered him and every time I looked at him I got scared. Something was seriously wrong....he didn't look like my little boy....he was pale, his face was thinner, and his eyes were sunken. We called a friend to come stay at the house while our daughter slept and we headed to the ER. It all happened so quickly but it was clear this poor little boy needed fluids so he got an iv (not a fun experience I tell you!) and we proceeded to spend two nights in the hospital. The pediatrician said his kidneys were ready to pack it in (scary!!). But my sweet little Jonah was such a trooper, despite all the poking and prodding and lack of sleep. And although he wasn't completely recovered the pediatrician discharged him at our discretion....and we being the great parents that we are, put him (and his sister) in a car for 22 hours to get to our holiday. (just pass the parents of the year award this way). He hardly slept at all but really showed few signs of being sick on the drive....we truly feel blessed and were able to have a fantastic holiday.

Here are some photos from the hospital - he was one sick little boy, but thankfully the nurses and dr's worked hard to help get him healthy for our trip. Within just a few days he was back to himself and driving us crazy :D

 The next day....a whole lot better but still not enough to be discharged. Thank goodness for the DS

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