Friday, June 18, 2010

Are you forgetful?

Every time my cousin, Radelle (of Eternal Reflections Photography) comes to visit I can't help but reminisce about fun memories growing up. We didn't live in the same city but that didn't stop our families from getting together, usually at their farm in Wetaskiwin. I loved it there and have some pretty fabulous memories - while I'm a city girl (or cityslickers as my cousins used to call my brother and I) there's something so homey to me about being out on a farm...I'm thrilled as I look back that I was raised with the experiences of both.

One memory that always has me laughing is when we were all heading out for a day in Drumheller. We were so excited and running around outside just playing it up while my aunt and uncle got everything ready. When the vehicle was packed we all zipped in the house for one last bathroom break, jumped in the van, and off we went. Everything was going great and we were having a blast on the drive until I looked down at my, not my shoes, my feet. Me...the city girl....forgot my shoes at the farm. seriously. We were already halfway to Drumheller, and no - we did not turn back....nor did we work out a way to stop somewhere to get me a cheap replacement pair. I just had to make do and climb the hoodoos barefoot. And climb them I did...I'm hardcore like that.

You may wonder why I was barefoot in the first place. Well as farm kids, my cousins were used to running around the yard without shoes's just the way it was and when were were going out to play, they weren't waiting for me to get mine on. I had to keep up, and I did - though somehow I managed to be the ONLY one who didn't put shoes on for our trip.


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