Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making the Cut

I've been working out with two friends since January. I enjoy working out with them and more recently have started genuinely LOVING working out...While I may not be able to do every exercise for the time allotted (sometimes I can't push through it and sometimes I don't) I really enjoy the classes we take. The 3 weeks prior to our family holiday I felt pretty motivated. I was getting up in the morning and doing an hour workout video (reviews on those to come) and then our hour class in the evening - 4 days a week. And you know, I noticed differences...I wish I had measured (I have since to track further progress), but even still...I noticed the way my shirts fit, even able to wear some shirts I hadn't been able to since I bought them. And I was able to wear shorts I haven't worn since I was pg with my son - 3 years ago. Well let me tell you how much better that made the trip. I had clothes to wear and felt like I looked good. Excellent...

Then we went on holidays. haha....Thankfully it didn't ruin me completely but I knew I had to get right back into it when we came home. Truth is - I missed it. So now I'm working on it all again and getting ready to commit myself even more. My friend and workout buddy, Laura recently bought this book by Jillian Michaels - Making the Cut. She was really happy with it, so I jumped on board and picked up my own copy a couple of days ago ($17 CAD at Wal-mart). I just finished reading it today and am motivated to try this out. I am taking the *Making the Cut Challenge* and I will be tracking my progress here. Scary hey? I have taken my measurements and will also do a before photo (that part REALLY scares me) and will be following the meal and workout plans laid out as best I can. I have no intention of cheating - it really is only 30 days and truth of it is, I want to see if it will work. It makes sense to me, feels like a good lifestyle and one I can keep up, and I won't know unless I give it my all.  I was a huge fan of Biggest Loser this season (doesn't everyone look fantastic!!) and can't deny this *chick* gets results! Besides, it really is about LIFESTYLE changes, not dieting or quick fixes.

So, wish me luck...No I am not trying to look *like* Jillian....I don't think we have similar body types anyways....however I am interested in being toned like she is and having my body at it's best. Besides - having some new recipes to try is always exciting. I've already made out a list of snack options according to my body (she has it broken down into 3 categories and has meal plans for each) so I can put that on my fridge and make smart choices when I'm feeling snacky.

I'm committed...anyone want to join me??

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Antonia said...

Hailey, I think I might be up for it! I need something to kick me in the butt...I miss the pre-baby way too much especially with summer coming. And I totally miss the wanting to work out instead of the I have to work out...I think I'll pick up the book tomorrow! So glad you posted.


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