Monday, July 12, 2010

the Bikini Shoppe

When we arrived at our first destination in Sacramento, California I discovered that I had left my swimsuit at home. (Referring to my *are you forgetful* post, makes me think there may be a trend). Seriously - how in the world does a person plan a holiday to California and forget the most important piece of clothing???

So when we arrived at our third destination, Mission Beach,  Brent and I set out to find me a suitable swimsuit for the week. We found one at the first store we checked - the Bikini Shoppe - that we both liked and I felt great in (miracle) and that was not ridiculously expensive (also a miracle). But, not wanting to *put all of our eggs in one basket* we went for a stroll down Mission Boulevard and checked out all of the other swimwear stores...everything was at least twice the price and nothing caught my eye quite like this one. Not yet bikini ready (I'm working on it) I had to go for a tankini, which I must say was not the easiest thing to find in we headed back to the Bikini Shoppe and purchased the very first one we saw. And I LOVE it! I love it...the girls in the store were fantastic and really helpful...I'll definitely go back there when we visit next time - they had some great stuff! They also have a website that I imagine is intended to make it possible to purchase online, but nothing is set up further than the main page. I'll update you if anything changes in that regard. My whole swimsuit was $50 which I think is a seriously fantastic price for a nice quality swimsuit. And I feel great in it... (I was sure I had a photo of me in it from our holiday but I can't seem to find it, so this wacky angled photo will have to do.)

I may *forget* my swimsuit every time we holiday ;)

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